Most kids cry when a balloon pops in their face.  Not ours.  Tonight, he popped a balloon and laughed.  Our child has little, if any, fear (and not just in the case of balloons, unfortunately).

Following the balloon popping, in an absolutely brilliant move, Hugh taught Calder how to use the foot pedal on our garbage can when Calder went to throw out what was left of the balloon.  Calder then played with the garbage can saying "open" and "closed" at the appropriate times.  After that got boring, Calder decided he needed some more garbage to throw out.  He went barreling toward another balloon, throwing his entire body on top of it.  After a few failed attempts of trying to pop the balloon while laying on it, Hugh decided he needed to step in and help.  With Calder suspending 6 inches off the ground, on top of the balloon, Hugh popped it.

There were tears then, but Calder wasn't scared.  He was hurt.  When Hugh popped the balloon, Calder's face went crashing into the floor.

He will have a bruised forehead tomorrow, which is also nothing new.  See here and here.


  1. Couldn't help but laugh...totally a dad move...nice helping Hugh!! I hope he went to mommy for the comfort!


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