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I wouldn't want to live without . . .

Our Children's Map of the World.

This map has been hanging on our wall for close to a year. Hugh had wanted a map for Calder and he spotted this one at Costco a while back. I personally liked the plain map of the world with countries that was also at Costco, but having seen how much our kids use this version of the map, I definitely think Hugh hit this one out of the park. Similar one HERE.
As you can see there are all sorts of animals, buildings, and people on the map. They are all named and have started MANY conversations at our house around sharks, ships, churches, and even vampires! I would say Boone looks at this map on a daily basis. This feels like a pretty good estimation because I have to tell him to stop standing on that wicker basket on at least half of those occasions. Lawson is playing with her snot here. Please ignore. 
Calder has used the map to find Syria when we were talking about refugees, locate China and Ireland when classmates took trips there, and even estimat…

Five on Friday

Calder is getting so excited for the end of school. He happily told us the other day that they were done reading at school for the year. This is his perception since they having the leveled readers sent home anymore!  Calder is counting down the days to summer (not surprisingly of course and the number is 8 including today). Calder was incredibly excited last week when one of his favs hoisted the Stanley Cup. We recorded it so Calder could soak in every moment when he got up the morning after. He is going to be in TV withdrawal the next few weeks. We don't have a lot of time for TV in the evenings typically, but we were letting Calder stay up later to watch the playoffs! Late = 8 pm. Hugh was SO pumped that Calder got obsessed with the playoffs!  Calder was recently speculating how great it would be to be a bird. "I could fly wherever I wanted. . . I would mostly want to just fly home or to the lake, though." In other bragging news, Calder can add and subtract integers.