Calder's pink eye medication seems to be working which is great.  Too bad a rash broke out on his forehead yesterday.  Ugh.  Thank goodness it looked quite a bit better today!

Calder's favorite Christmas gift this year was his Buzz Light Year car that Grandma and Grandpa Fritshaw gave him.  He wasn't into riding around on anything before Christmas.  Now, it is his main mode of transportation around our house.  In fact this morning, he started throwing a crying fit when we were coming down to play in the basement and I refused to bring it with us!

Unfortunately, the horn quite working on it.  Here are some pics of the boys doing some mechanical work on it.  Hugh joked that his brother, Billy, is going to say that is the only "car" Hugh has ever worked on!

Tonight we were enjoying some delicious cookies and milk that a friend brought over.  Calder likes to repeat "dip, dip" and dunk the small chunks of cookies with his entire fingers into his milk!  Note the shot glass he is drinking out of!

After I took this first picture, Calder started crooning, "cheeeeeeeese" and promptly made the face below (holding it for a full 10 seconds until I took the picture)!


  1. I LOVE Calder's hair!! He is so cute!!

  2. Jordan I cant believe how big calder is getting and how much you looks like you.
    Everytime I look at him I think wow he looks exactly like Jordan... which is a good thing :)
    Hope your doing okay, I think about you pretty much everyday.
    Take Care
    Brook Xo


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