The last month has been a stressful time for our whole family.  It shouldn't have surprised me today to learn that our dog, Cleo, is stressed, too!

Cleo had been shaking her head all morning and pawing at her ears, so I made an appointment for her to see the vet.  Cleo has allergies and the vet figured that the ear infection is a result of her allergies flaring up.  He said that stress can cause this.  Cleo feels safest when Hugh and I are around.  One month ago, Hugh and I were away from home for 4 nights and then we had a houseful of people.  Cleo was completely out of sorts.  We then, almost immediately, shipped her off to my parents when we went to Edmonton and she was there for 2 weeks (we just got her back yesterday).  She loves my parents and the farm, but it isn't us and it isn't home.  Poor stressed out Cleo!  We left the vet armed with medication and a new found appreciation of how sensitive our puppy is.

 I know she is our dog, but  she is a great dog (and other people even say that!).


  1. Hilarious pic :)


  2. Dogs are amazing and sensitive creatures, aren't they. I hope you get some comfort from having Cleo back home with your family. Take care.

  3. Oh, Cleo. Cuda misses her long lost buddy


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