3 Weeks

Today, home feels like a reminder of things I am missing out on.

I was folding Calder's cloth diapers and was reminded that I wouldn't need to buy any more.   The plan was to pick up a few extra since we were going to have 2 kids in diapers (Calder has NO desire to sit on the potty, let alone do his business on one).

I had to throw out all of the flowers we received when Tripp past away.

We are getting Calder's "big boy" room ready.  A reminder that the nursery will be empty without a baby to move into it.

I did some cleaning of a couple of things that haven't been cleaned in 3 weeks.

Hmmmm. . . Tripp would have been three weeks today.  Another reminder.

I am tired today and tired makes me more sad.

A few good friends are coming over this morning to bring a meal for tonight so that Hugh and I don't have to worry about cooking.  I will try and nap with Calder and then we are heading into the city this afternoon to see the doctor.  Tonight, we are going to Hugh's hockey game in Shellbrook.

I am glad we have a busy day.  Hopefully, it will help distract me from all of the reminders.


  1. Travel safely today.

  2. We continue to think about your family on a daily basis. I find your writing so moving and I cannot imagine the strength that it takes to get up each and every day.


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