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Random Thoughts

Today is a quiet day at the hospital. It is treatment day and usually the Clinical Treatment Center is buzzing with clients. Today I have a bay to myself. I am enjoying this quiet change of pace.

My treatments started off rough in August (not as rough as when I was pregnant with Boone, mind you), but have gotten almost to the point of easy (GASP). If I drink lots, I have had minimal headaches (and some weeks not any!). I am very tired which is a side affect of IVIG, but I am also 27 weeks pregnant, working full-time and co-parenting 2 kids. Oh, and did I mention I have had a cold for 3 weeks?

My mom and sister have both asked me in the last week if I have been getting Braxton Hicks. Apparently, they are so par for my course that I have forgotten to complain about them! I am getting them, but haven't bothered to count how many a day. I will guess somewhere around 20. They occasionally wake me up at night. This isn't because they hurt, but because they push on my bladder and I f…

Family Photos 2014

In mid-September, Deena took our family pictures. I had great coordinating outfits planned for everyone (and I'm really proud to say using items already in our closets), but the weather was WAY colder than it had been and I had to improvise. The long sleeves I had planned were worn, but well below an added layer. Hugh's parents had brought back the boys their bunny hugs this summer and Hugh's coat just so happened to be the exact same color of his original shirt. Score! My only concern was myself - I could barely get the coat I am wearing zipped up over my belly! But it did zip up, thankfully, and I quite like how we all look! I should have posted the picture that Deena took of all of us looking out over the pond. My coat is pulling - bad - all across my back, LOL! Glad it pulled there and not across the front!

We had to do a funny face photo! I thought we were all going to do Boone's face. Clearly Hugh thought otherwise! Calder was so distracted by Hugh's tongue …

Life with Boys

A couple of weeks ago, Hugh took Boone to my parents for the weekend. He had some farming to do and Calder had hockey, so we split up for the weekend. Calder and I had a great weekend together. Only having him made it super relaxing and easy. We planned some fun activities and took care of the grocery shopping. After Calder's hockey on Sunday we headed to our favorite fast food restaurant, McDonalds! Even though Calder looks happy here, he was a bit disappointed that the "toy" in the happy meal was a Halloween bucket. He got a Pokemon card the previous time and has subsequently became obsessed with Pokemon. In fact, that weekend he got to pick out a toy when we were at Target and picked a deck of Pokemon cards. Calder had played the card game with his buddy, Willis, this summer and really enjoyed it. I actually figured it was the perfect toy to pick, because it would give us something to do together on Sunday that wasn't racing or crashing cars. Boy, was I wrong. I …

Halloween 2014

Halloween . . . is not my favorite holiday. I hate dressing up (it is stressful for me to find a costume). But I do love Halloween all the same. I mean, seriously, both my kids were PUMPED about it (Well, Calder was before hand and Boone was once his bucket started getting filled with candy).
I'm not sure what Calder is doing in his pumpkin carving shot. Maybe some sort of dinosaur growl? On the other hand, I know exactly what Boone is doing. His "funny" face. He has now started to think when we say smile, that it means he should make this face!

Here are a couple shots of our crew. The Hulk is Dylan and Batman is Drew. They come in every year to trick-or-treat on our crescent with us. We love it. This tradition might not last forever, but we will soak up every fun filled moment until it ends! Boone is growling his dragon growl at Drew in this shot. He growled at everyone on Halloween. Seriously. Hugh said that every time a door opened at a new house that Boone would gro…

Fall Challenge - Final Week

So I got played out these last few days. Didn't feel like wearing a couple of the outfits and didn't bother to take a picture of a couple more. Needless to say, I only have one day for you :-)

Day 17 - Long Cardigan, Solid Tee, Leopard Scarf, Legging, Neutral Flats

I went a bit off the mark with this one. My classroom is cold, so flats are out and I had worn the leopard scarf the day before. I also wanted to try a bit of pattern mixing to axed the black leggings! It is getting so dark out here. This picture was taken at 4:30 pm and because it was overcast, I couldn't get a good picture with my phone. Sigh. Winter is definitely on its way!

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