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Happy Halloween


Pumpkin Carving Time

Last night Hugh picked up 3 big pumpkins after work and as soon as we whisked Boone to bed we got set up at the kitchen table to carve our three little hearts out. This was a big year for Calder as we told him he would get to use his own little knife to carve once he got the guts cleaned out. Hugh and I learned a valuable lesson here. Never tell Calder the exciting part before the dirty work is done. Not only did he not have any desire to clean the pumpkin (he actually asked for gloves, which both Hugh and I scoffed at, until he told us his buddy Dylan's mom gave him some at her place for cleaning pumpkins!) and he asked us "When do I get the knife?"  18 times before Hugh had his pumpkin cleaned!

The top picture of me is a legitimate action shot. My dude's eyes were very hard to push out. 
We set up our three creations in the window once they were done and Hugh lit the candles. Calder immediately shouted out that Boone needed one too. We have a number of smaller pump…

New Toy

Hugh installed a new dishwasher in our kitchen on Friday. Multiple times a day since either Hugh or I could be heard uttering, "I love our new dishwasher." It seriously rocks. Part of the reason it is so rockin' might have to do with the fact our previous dishwasher was a dud. It was about 6.5 years old and came with our house and therefore probably the cheapest dishwasher our builder could buy. This isn't to say that cheap isn't good. In fact our old dishwasher was a rock start for about 5 of those years. We do not believe in pre-washing and we put anything that could be found in our kitchen into the dishwasher. It always came out clean. . . . Until it didn't. Slowly our old girl was leaving food caked on items and not getting our pots clean. The hard water started building up on all our dishes (you might recall me blogging about putting them in a vinegar bath to get all of the build-up off - I basically have been doing this once a month since). In the last …

I'm not a Pinterest mom

Yesterday, it dawned on me that with Calder's gymnastic class cancelled next Thursday I could have a couple of moms over for coffee. It would be a great day to have a visit and allow our kids to wear their costumes a bit more on Halloween.

Along with a couple of the "yes" responses to the invite, I got the question, "What should I bring?" Originally when I planned this little get together, I figured I had some pumpkin cupcakes my mom made in the freezer that she had put chocolate eyeballs on that would be perfect for the occasion. That was it. The date was planned. When those responses started coming in I began to get excited and think, "What kind of stuff do we need for this party?" All of a sudden a small coffee date had turned into a party in my mind and as I laid in bed last night it was all I could do to pull out my phone and start pinning party ideas. Bare in mind I place no blame on my generous friends who were only trying to be helpful by offe…


The color of a person's skin does not matter. Everyone is equal. Right? Well, I think so and it was important to Hugh and I that our kids grew up color blind. We wanted them to choose to play with another kid because they were funny and shared a love for NASCAR (if it were Calder!). We wanted them to realize that the teacher at the front of the class was fabulous because of the things they did, not because of the color of their skin. Because of this, we never acknowledged that anyone with a different color of skin was any different than we were. We didn't discuss race at all. In fact, we ignored it and as it turns out, we were doing it ALL wrong.

I have read the chaper, Why White Parents Don't Talk About Race, from Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman 3 times. I am fascinated by it. In the book, the authors discuss how Dr. Rebecca Bigler ran an experiment with pre-schoolers. She had half of the kids wear a blue shirt and the other half wear a red shirt to school…

Top 5

The top 5 things I am enjoying these days.

Wearing boots. I love my knee high boots! I have a grey pair and a black pair and I have been putting them on as much as humanly possible. I feel so pretty with a heel on! You might recall me purchasing the black pair last December for my sister's "surprise" wedding. The price was fairly hefty and I looked to you for some love about spending so much money. Almost a year later and I have to say I am LOVING them :-)Baking. I love being in the kitchen cooking (not cleaning, though!) and my favorite things to make are muffins. I have tried a couple of new recipes this fall and have been loving them. I am going to try and share the pumpkin ones with you next week!Coffee. I know my acid reflux isn't liking it, but I can't seem to get enough these days. Occasionally I can even be found heating up a cup mid-afternoon! So not typical me :-)Running slow. I took a couple of weeks off running after my race at Elk Ridge. I had a kille…

Ready, Set, Skate

Calder started skating lessons 3 weeks ago. Last year, I discussed the fact that there was no point in putting him in lessons, because we could easily teach him. That point still stands, but something I hadn't considered when I said that is how nice it is for Calder and I to do activities together while I am on leave. It has been great so far! Below is a picture taken before his second lesson. Calder does not want me to take the picture. Purposely ignoring.

If you want a laugh, you need to come out and watch him before he gets too good. It is hilarious. Calder basically only has one speed - Full Out - and when you strap skates to "Full Out", it leads to some pretty hilarious spills.  For example, his coach asks the class to stand still and lift their right leg in the air. Instead of testing the waters, and gradually bringing his leg up, "Full Out" throws his leg into the air and reaches it up to waist height. Why hello, major spill! His coach asks the class to …


We got to spend our weekend with both sides of our family. We are so fortunate to be able to live so close to some of the most important people in our lives. Thankful.

There are no pictures. I forgot my camera at home. Sigh. I am taking a photography class and was so looking forward to practicing in the beautiful fall weather. C'est la vie.
Well, I guess I shouldn't say, "There are no pictures." This picture was an iPhone snap. All the Hamilton grandkids. One missing. There was a hole. Hugh and I felt it.

On Sunday, I felt my heart urging time to turn back. I wanted to live in February 2011 just for a few precious moments. I even pondering going back to the fall of 2010 and having IVIG treatments so that Tripp would be born healthy and not sick. Crazy talk. Time only moves forward. This is my life, regardless of how badly my heart wants something else.

I rarely wish for a different outcome for Tripp anymore. It's not that I don't want it. It's just that i…

Damned if you do and if you don't

I just read Kelle's most recent POST over at Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle responded to some negative feedback she has gotten on her blog. I related to it on a blogging level and personal level.

I haven't got negative feedback in the comments section of my blog, but I have gotten a tiny bit through other mediums. Most of all I connected to her response because I often worry about what people think about what I post. Stupid. I am worrying about things people MAY or may not be thinking.

Worrying about being judged in a negative light is one of my greatest faults. As part of My Happiness Project (which is always ongoing even though I don't specifically write about it much), I am constantly working on this.

The truth, as Kelle writes, is that we are judged regardless of what we do. If I write about Tripp there will be people out there saying (or thinking) "Get over it." If I don't write about Tripp, there will be people out there saying (or thinking) "She…

The one with just pictures.


Around Here (UPDATED)

I am STILL under the weather. I can't seem to get a good night's rest and I am sure that is the main contributor to this darn cold. Needless to say, I have been too tired to write. I can't think that well in the evenings if I am running on empty. This morning I am running on about a quarter of a tank, so I thought I would just give you a few little updates of what is going on in our house.

Calder is busy doing gymnastics, skating, and pre-school. Gymnastics is at Can-Am. I'm not sure if you remember our experience last winter at a different club. . . . Anyways, this is ENTIRELY different. I am very critical of how kids are organized, kept safe, and kept busy during physical activities. It is the Physical Education teacher coming out in me. The coach and helper at Can-Am are amazing. They know exactly how to work with 4 and 5 year olds. They have created routines for the kids, and give them appropriate instruction before and during the activity. I ALWAYS feel like Calde…

September Photo Shoot

At the start of September my good friend, Deena, popped out to Martensville and snapped some photos of me and my crew.

I made my photo collage for our living room wall last night! I can't wait to pick it up from Costco! Happy Thursday!


I woke up Friday with a cold. It had been taunting me the previous couple of days, but on Friday it officially arrived. Unfortunately, it also arrived for Boone. Nevertheless, the boys and I had plans so in the morning we loaded up the van and headed to Elk Ridge to meet Hugh (he was already there for meetings). We had a great day together as a family touring Waskesiu. The weather was beautiful and Calder, along with Hugh and I, got quite a kick out of all the wild life we saw.

Friday night my throat was killing me. My nose was a faucet and I know Boone felt the same. He got up four different times during the night hurting and unable to breathe (he typically sleeps through the night). When Saturday morning arrived all I wanted to do was pack up our stuff and head back to our couch. Luckily for me, Hugh got up with the boys. I put some ear phones in, turned on my white noise app and caught a few more z's.

When I got up for the day I felt slightly better, but still debated skipping …