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I wouldn't want to live without . . .

My L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara.

This stuff is amazing. It doesn't run or smear, but with a bit of water comes off in clumps. It is tube mascara, so rather than being painted on it somehow forms tubes around your eyelashes. I have been using this stuff for over 5 years. I remember my mom and sister asking me if I wanted waterproof mascara for Tripp's funeral, but I had already fallen in love with my tubes. 

This stuff never wears off. Ever. But it washes off VERY easily. I have used waterproof mascara before and it pales in comparision to this stuff. There are many different brands of tube mascara. I have tried one from Sephora. I hated it. The tube was faulty and the price was way more. I get mine when I order from Here is the link, but you can likely pick it up in store as well. I just LOVE me some online shopping!

While we were skiing in Kimberly Calder and I had a shower together after a hot tub. I rubbed my eyes and all my tubes of mascara rubbed off on my…

Happy Birthday, Boone!

We were thrilled three years ago when we welcomed a very overdue, healthy boy. Boone is a character. He loves making jokes and can always get a laugh. If you ask Boone a question, don't take him on his word. He lies. All. The. Time. It is almost funny. 
Boone loves his cousin, Harper, reading books in bed, and wearing a jersey. Boone typically eats a banana the moment he gets out of bed and is always excited to go to daycare. Boone will occasionally still give us some cuddles, but typically only after he naps. Boone is excited to be learning about letters. He only knows B's name, but will grab any of our family's letters and tell us who they belong to. He is currently having a hard time understanding B is for Billy and Brittany too, but we are working on it!  Counting isn't his thing yet. But trust me, it will be!
Boone is a party animal before bed. Calder is currently yelling at him to go to sleep. I gotta go. 
We love you more than ice cream, Boone.

Happy Monday!


We headed to Kimberly on the February break with a few other teachers and their families. We decided to take this trip last June and I was really apprehensive. The plan was to leave the younger two behind. This made me extremely worried about nursing. I know that might seem crazy, but if you recall that wasn't long after my boob exploded, so it was a real concern.  I spent a fair bit of time pumping on the trip, but other than that, my absence from being Lawson's milk machine was unnoticed (she took a bottle like a champ from Grandma F). Boone and Lawson are our extroverts, so we knew they would be completely happy without us around and we were exactly right. Boone and Lawson had a great time and so did my parents (except for the 48 hours my parents had the flu!).  
Calder was so excited to drive through the mountains again after our trip to Vancouver this summer. As we came upon Fernie (which you hit before you get to Kimberly) we could see Fernie's ski hill from the hig…

Happy Birthday, Calder

Today our oldest turns 7. He asked me this morning what time he was born. It was around 10 am, so I shared that with him. He quickly exclaimed, "I'm not even 7 yet!"  I thought that maybe next year he should wait until after school to open the gifts from us rather than first thing in the morning, but clearly that was NOT a good idea (and I had to agree).

Calder is a loud, energetic boy. We always knew Calder had a kind streak, but a recent event with someone he cared about getting picked on made our hearts swell (and my eyes with tears).  Calder loves screen time and being physical with his brother (often inappropriately). His favorite toys to play with are cars and LEGO. He loves hockey and is getting keen on playing ball. It is always easiest to take Calder to any "new" activity if we can tell him a buddy is also attending. As energetic as he is, he is still more introverted than extroverted.

My favorite things to do with Calder are talk about math (this morn…