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Christmas 2016

We made our annual trek to the Lawson Height's mall to get our picture with Santa. The mall was pretty quiet while we were waiting in line and the boys began to wander a bit. All of a sudden Hugh looked over and Boone was milking a life-sized cow. What the heck it was doing in the mall is still unclear. Hugh reeled Boone back into line, Hugh and I shared a stifled giggle, and a couple minutes later we were ready for our picture. Lawson was having nothing to do with Santa, so Hugh had to wiggle on the big chair. Santa asked the boys what they wanted for Christmas. Calder said LEGO. It is his go-to gift, but I can honestly say, I don't think he really wanted anything. When I suggested to him that we sit down and write a letter to Santa he responded, "Can't I just use my one from last year?"  The last time Hugh and I recall Calder getting a present were a couple of Monster Jams at Easter and the odd $10 trip to Pearsons with my mom in the summer. Our kids are spoil…


I absolutely love December. I love all the Christmas decorations, candles, and lights. I love the excitement the kids have. I love the baking and meal planning. I love the food.
Hugh loves December too, but mostly for the eggnog.  This year he went through 2 double batches before Christmas. This may not seem excessive until I tell that you each double batch is 4 L and that Hugh drank around 3/4s of each of these. Oh, and did I mention each 4 L jug contains 24 eggs. OMG. Calder had a home hockey game around the middle of the month. The little ones and I trailed in right for the drop of the puck. Boone immediately saw some kids playing in the lobby. He didn't know any of them, but it didn't matter. He wanted to stay and play with them. Not wanting to miss a second of the game, I left him in the dust and took Lawson to sit with the other parents. About 10 minutes later, Boone finds us and is carrying an unopened Power-aid. I asked him where he got it and he responded, "A gu…