Calder has started calling Hugh, "Hugh" or "Hughie" on a regular basis.  "Hughie" is not impressed.

Calder started saying these words when his buddy, Dylan started calling Hugh, "Hughie", but that was months ago and for some reason Calder has really gotten into it now.

Yesterday, Calder called Hugh by his first name for the 20th time and Hugh had had enough.  As Hugh was correcting him, Calder said "Daddy-O?" (emphasis on the "O" part).  Hugh reluctantly said, "fine, Daddy-O".

Calder currently screaming "HUGHHHHHH" and calling him "Daddy Hugh".

I guess when compared to being called by his first name, "Daddy-OOOOOOOOOOO" is an improvement.

If Hugh could ever contain his laughter when Calder blasts out "Daddy-O" or "Hughie", he might have a better chance of deterring Calder from saying it!

But what do I know?


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