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Big Helper

In the last few days, Calder has really started to grasp the concept of cleaning up and has taken to this concept full force.  When it is time to clean up, he repeats "clean-up, clean-up, clean-up" over and over until the job is done.  He helps clean up his trucks before we move onto his blocks.  He helps me move laundry from the washer to the dryer.  He helps empty the dishwasher, announcing that every object is "heavy".  
And today, he decided to help me clean up supper.  
At our house we only cook 3, maybe 4 times a week.  Sometimes even less, depending how long we can make our leftovers last.  Today, Calder and I were home by ourselves for supper.  Hugh had a meeting and Luke is in Manitoba, so with a fridge full of leftovers, it was a more than perfect reason not to cook.
I pulled everything out of the fridge we had...pasta, ham, scalloped potatoes, etc. and dished out our plates so we could sit down to eat.  Calder declared he was "done" well before I …

The Healing Power of Kisses

On Sunday, Hugh took off for hockey practice in the afternoon and Calder and I were left to spend some quality Mommy-Son time together.

As we were playing with his trucks on the kitchen floor, Calder turned to me (out of no where), pointed to his chin and said, "chin".  I agreed with him that that was, indeed, his chin.  He then looked at me and point to my chin and repeated the word.  Again, I agreed with him.  Then to my surprise, he pointed to my chin, said "owie", and kissed it better.  I thought it was kind of strange, since I didn't have an owie, but loved that Calder just up and kissed me.

As I washed my face for bed that night, I saw the owie.  A rather significant puss filled ZIT.  Gross.  I had a little laugh that I had let Calder kiss my zit, but figured I shouldn't have any guilt over it, since I didn't even know it existed at the time.

On Monday, Calder and I were sitting on the couch after supper and he once again pointed to my chin and s…

Merry Sickmas

It has been so long since I posted, I am not really sure what to post about.  I think I will try and post a few shorter stories.  The first will be about Sickmas...oh, I mean Christmas.

Calder was sick.  This was his longest sick spell to date and not only his longest, it seemed to hit him the hardest of any virus he has caught.

On the afternoon of the 20th, we took Calder for a walk outside.  He was not happy and this was not like him.  He spent the remainder of the evening with a fever, cuddling Hugh on the couch and refusing to eat.  This lasted from that evening and all the way through Christmas Day.  Calder was so miserable, there were times when he wouldn't let anyone hold him except for Hugh (including me).  He certainly didn't share much love with any of the Hamilton's while they were here from the 23rd - 25th.  Wait, I shouldn't say that.  Occasionally, when the advil had kicked in, he got up the energy to play with his cousin, Madison. 

We knew he might be s…

Pace Christopher Billy Hamilton

On December 5th, Hugh's brother, Billy and his wife Abbey welcomed into the world their son, Pace.  He is an adorable little guy who barely makes a peep!  Seriously, I have been around Pace a fair amount over the holidays and have yet to hear him full out cry!

Their daughter, Maddy, came and spent the night of the 6th with us.  Calder loved having a playmate all evening!

Our computer is away getting organized for us, so I don't have any pictures to post.  I will try to get on this next week.


For Hugh's staff Christmas party they did a Chinese gift exchange, with the stipulation being you couldn't buy anything new.  The gift had to be something you already owned. 

Usually, Hugh and I take these kinds of opportunities to get rid of any junk that is lying around our house.  These gifts are often funny and become a hit during the exchange.

This year, Hugh brought up a Chess set we had received at one of these exchanges last year, and a set of canisters I got as a shower gift.  Both were "nice" gifts that could be used.  Hugh and I aren't into chess, and we already had a set of canisters, so we never used the shower gift.  We were taking a new approach this year.

When the gift exchange got under way, the canisters were one of the first presents opened.  The canisters were in the original packaging, but the recipient was a bit skeptical, so opened the box.  Low and behold, they found the canisters neatly packed inside AND the original card that came with …