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Almost the shortest hockey career in history

These days Calder is not in love with school he was the first week or two. We have even heard the odd groan, and "I don't want to go to school" when we remind him in the evening about how he will spend the next day. I think part of it has to do with the kind of kid Calder is. If Boone is our extrovert, Calder is certainly our introvert. Calder would much rather be at home than pretty much anywhere. I also think part of the negativity we are seeing has to do with riding the bus. I don't think it is the length of time (about a half an hour each way), but more to do with the fact he either sits at the front by himself, or with the bus driver's one-year old. We are in the midst of working on this. Apparently the bus company has a rule that kids must sit youngest to oldest on the bus - unless they sit with a sibling and then a younger kid might get to sit a bit farther back. There is one other boy in Calder's kindergarten class who rides the bus, but he sits with …

The real update

Yes, Boone screams. But he also is quite the ham. He loves wrestling, so don't lay on the floor in our house and expect to catch some z's. Boone will immediately run over and throw himself on you. You actually don't really have to even play back. He will just get up loop around and dive at you again. He is completely entertained by just your presence on the floor. Boone also loves running and will spend an infinite amount of time chasing Calder as he runs around our house. Boone especially loves running at Grandma Fritshaw's as there is a perfect circle he and Calder can lap that goes through the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Boone is SLOWLY starting to get some words. Up until about a week ago I would say his ENTIRE list of words consisted of Mama, Dad, up, uh-oh, please (more like eees), eye, no (not the word, but the two syllable sound you make for "no" with your mouth closed. . . not sure if that counts as a word!) and yah. Boone will try to repea…

Boone the Screamer

Boone is in need of an update, but in this moment the only thing I can think to say about him is that he screams. And screams. And screams. This may be due to the fact he has very few words, or more likely the fact that he just prefers screaming. He screams if he wants something, he screams if he doesn't get his way, in fact, he even screams when he is happy (the happy screaming is very much encouraged by his loud, loud brother).

On Tuesday I got home with the boys after work and began to put together supper. Calder when next door to play and after a mere 5 minutes alone, Boone began screaming. I tried playing with him, feeding him, carrying him, cuddling him, turning on the t.v. and when the screaming didn't stop, I just let him hold on to my leg as I made supper while he got his daily dose of screaming in. I couldn't figure out what he wanted, so figured I might as well just continue making supper. Intermittently I would try the odd thing on my list, but when it was imme…

Calder's First Day

I wasn't nervous about Calder starting Kindergarten; I was excited. Calder was ready and Hugh and I both know he is going to rock it. Wednesday was his first day and although I hadn't been nervous, I did feel a bit anxious for him in the morning. I have no worries about him having success at school, I just worry that he'll make friends and have fun.
Calder will go full days, every other day, but his first day was just a half day. Parents were asked to come in and get their kids settled, so I took a half day soaked in as much as I could. All my nerves were gone by the time I showed up to his classroom. Calder was ready and so was I.
Calder's teacher, Madam, talked to each of the students and read them a book. The parents then did a very quick activity with their students and were told by Madam that if we felt comfortable, we could leave. I felt totally great. Calder didn't seem one bit apprehensive.  Once given the opportunity to roam around the classroom, Calder g…