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Calder loves our animals.  Every time he sees one of the boys (our cats, Charles and Lawrence), he tries to lay his head on their bellies and rolls on the floor beside them.  This morning, he actually laid on Charles for at least 30 seconds.  In Calder's world, that is almost forever.  In my world, I didn't even have time to grab the camera and catch it on film.  This is all I got (below).

The boys actually have some genuine affection for Calder (I think, anyway).  They tolerate his tail pulling and walk by him, rubbing up against him waiting for a pet.  They let him fall all over them when they lay on our bed and, of course, hover around his high chair when he eats.

Our dog, Cleo, is another story.  Calder loves her as well, but I don't think the affection goes both ways... unless food is involved.  If Cleo is laying on the couch and Calder comes over to pet her, she growls.  (Luke is pulling Cleo back in the last shot, because she started growling)

Now, if Calder is hold…


For some reason, we have more recycling that we know what to do with.  We pay for Curb-Side (they come and pick up all your recycling, plastic included) and in spite of this, yesterday, Hugh and I took 3 large bins of cardboard and paper to the big recycling bins.

I can't get over how much packaging comes on things.  Calder likes Baby Mum Mum's (rice crackers).  They are individually wrapped, then all grouped together in a plastic bag, which is in a box.  Old Dutch is time to get rid of your boxed unnecessary (also time for Hugh to stop purchasing the ketchup variety, because they are not more ketchupy than the regular bag).  Most of our purchases from Costco come extensively wrapped as well, and since we shop there at least once a week, the cardboard and plastic add up.
Hugh and I talked about making a more conscious effort to purchase things with less packaging.  The problem becomes that a lot of the foods we purchase with excessive packaging are conveni…

5th Tooth

Yes.  You read it here.  Calder FINALLY got another tooth.  It took 4 months, but his 5th tooth is visible when he smiles.

I keep telling myself that when he gets more teeth, he will eat more meat.  Yeah right!

I will say, that with all of Calder's teeth, he has not had any symptoms associated with teething (the exception being excessive amounts of drooling).

Lucky is the word that comes to mind!

And maybe I should say "knock on wood", as well!