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One of the biggest perks of having Blades season tickets is the fact that I get to see more of Wade (he also has season tickets).
Hugh and I have been enjoying a bit of alone time away from the kids attending the Blades' games. It is a win-win. We get to watch Brad AND have a conversation without crying, whining, being climbed on, or wiping someone's butt. This picture was taken on my birthday. I am sporting my new Blades' jersey and likely already drank a couple of beer :-). Brad also had them announce a special happy birthday to me. They got my age right (29), but thought I was a guy! 
Boone started skating in Dalmeny this fall. They offer pre-initiation and Boone has been liking it. It runs twice a week, but we have taken off the occasional session. As I said, Boone likes it. He hasn't fallen in love yet. It was a sweet deal in terms of cost, so I don't mind skipping out of the odd session. We want Boone to love hockey, so don't want to force it with him. B…


September marks back to school and the beginning of hockey. Calder started grade 3 at Ecole Holy Mary in Martensville. This brand new school just opened up and offers French Immersion. We did a couple of biking practice runs and because of it Calder and his buddy, Kohen, even got to ride their bikes on a number of days. He is loving the freedom and the decreased time on the bus when he isn't riding.
Hockey got going at the end of August with 3-on-3. It was pretty exciting for Calder as he got to play on the same team with his school buddy, Blake. Blake lives in Saskatoon, so they hadn't gotten to play hockey together before this point.
At the end of August, we got a new addition to our family. Brad is playing with the Saskatoon Blades and is billeting with us. When Brad first arrived at our house none of us were home, so we gave him the code to our key pad. Once he hauled in his stuff, he had a look around at our family pictures on the wall. I can't imagine what it would …


We spent 7 straight weeks at the cabin this summer. I think we may have spent 3 nights at home and one was only because Lawson got an ear infection. We also took a couple of road trips in there, as well. The kids might have washed their hair 4 to 5 times and sandy feet was our norm. It was amazing. Hugh and Calder started the summer going up north fishing with my dad, Luke, Luke's father-in-law, and brother-in-law. Hugh said he did incredible as they were on the boats fishing the entire time. Calder learned about pitching in and I'm sure got told on a number of occasions, "What happens on a fishing trip, stays on a fishing trip!"
Hugh has this goal to visit every provincial park in the province. I thought it was brilliant, as I love an adventure, until we started looking at how many there are. This is now a lofty goal, but I think we could make it work if we plan to do it into retirement! This summer we went to Greenwater Provincial Park for a day. It was a quick tr…