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Seriously, Hugh?

I have never taken time out of my "never long enough" work day to write a blog, but I need to get this off my chest.

Yesterday after work I hopped into the van only to notice that I had less than 1/4 of a tank.  It was cold.  I was wimpy.  I did not want to stop to fill it...BUT I did.  I usually go to Costco (cheap gas and on my way), but since I would have to fill it myself, I opted to fill-up at the full-service Co-op in Martensville.  Like I said, I was feeling wimpy.

Fast forward to this morning.

Hugh and I are sitting at the table discussing our days and I remember that my staff is going for drinks after work.  This means Hugh needs to take Calder and my recently filled van.  No big deal.  Hugh starts the car for me and we get our days started. 

As I am pulling out of the driveway, I take a look down at the gas gauge.  No surprise.  Less than 1/16 of a tank.  I can just see a sliver of space between the needle and the red line.  Deep Breath.  Serenity Now.  The low fu…


Although you might be thinking I am going to talk about Calder or Hugh's farting (ewww...I can't believe I just put that), I am actually going to discuss gas in our vehicles.

Hugh drives on empty and it drives me nuts.

I got my first taste of his risky behavior the week before our wedding in 2006.  We had attended my cousin's wedding in Calgary and were on our way home with Luke and his girlfriend.  When we got to Strathmore, I announced to Hugh that the next decent sized placed was Hanna and we should probably fill up before we left civilization.  His response was "we'll be fine" and he put it into 5th gear and cruised out of town.

Now picture us, in the middle of nowhere, with the gas light going on.  It's a Sunday afternoon and Hugh says, "no worries, some little town will have gas."  No.  There were NO little towns with gas.  And we drove out of our way to check out a couple.  We started getting desperate as the gas gauge sank lower and low…