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Things I hate

Maybe hate is too strong of a word.  I won't want Calder to say it, so let's say these are things I strongly dislike.

1.  People who were watering their lawn yesterday.

2.  When one lane of traffic is closed and cars zoom to the front of the line to merge, rather than merging in their place.

3.  Mosquitos.

4.  Vacuuming.  I would rather do the bathrooms any day.

5.  Getting up before 6 am.

6.  People who don't wear a belt with their jeans (this only includes the people whose waistlines I can see...if a shirt is covering the waistline, it's fine).

7.  When there are re-runs on of my favorite shows during the winter.

8.  Did I mention vacuuming?

9.  Running in 60 km/h winds.

10.  Students who make it their class goal to try and piss me off.

11.  Cars that drive 60 km/h on our crescent.  Next time, I may just throw my gardening tool at them.

12.  When I hop in the car and it doesn't start.

13.  Teenage girls wearing clothes that show way too much skin.  Short shorts …

Bone Marrow Donor

On Thursday, I got this forward from a former athlete, Kolby Rice. Hello Everyone : Please watch the video clip below and then …..I know you will want to help .  Mandi is a special young lady Her parents, Rick and Carol Schwartz are our family friends from my husband Gordie’s home town of Kamsack. Some of you will know them – some of you won’t .  Our children were childhood friends and played together. Then both our families both left Kamsack and the Schwartz family now lives in Wilcox. Their 22 year old daughter, Mandy has leukemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.  She has only 35 days left to find a perfect match. We pray she stays healthy until that transplant happens.  She is at home in Wilcox right now – after a difficult bout of chemo. We are praying that all of you will proceed to be tested to be a match.   It only takes 10 minutes to get it done and it could save her life!!!!  You simply need to answer a few questions and then to do a swab from your cheek. Please no…

Caesar Salad and Screaming

The last two days, Caesar Salad and screaming have been two of Calder's favorite things.
Caesar Salad
A few weeks ago, while Hugh and I were eating supper, Calder pointed to my salad and signed "more".  I gave him some thinking the taste of the dressing would cause him to make a hilarious face and we would get a laugh out of it.  NO SUCH LUCK.  He loved the dressing.  In fact, he sucked the dressing off the lettuce and then spit the lettuce out.  He then signed "more" and continued to suck the dressing off of a number of pieces of lettuce.  
This had been the pattern until yesterday.  He now DEVOURS the lettuce.  He doesn't like the hard white part on the romaine leaf, but any of the leafy green stuff covered in parmesan cheese and fat filled dressing, (We get the big bottle of full-fat goodness from Costco.  I figure if I am eating vegetables, I can have a few extra calories with them) and there is no stopping him.  Tonight for supper that is all he ate.  I c…

Cardboard Toys

Where to begin. It seems like forever since I have written a blog.  It is so long that not only have I had guilt for not blogging, but I even received an email requesting I get back on the blog-wagon (o.k. it was my mom who requested the blog, but if she mentioned it, others must be thinking the same thing...right?:-)

Hugh has been nagging me for a while that we need a second freezer and a second fridge.  When my parents were up a few weeks ago, we happened to come across a great deal on a upright freezer at Costco. Needless, to say, I caved and Hugh got the freezer.  I am happy to report that I LOVE the freezer.  It is so great to be able to see the stuff we have, without it getting stuck at the bottom.  I am sure things will still get lost in this one, but at least it is not as far to the back as it is to the bottom!  Here are some pictures of the best part of the freezer, the box.  Hugh made Calder his first fort and it was a hit.  It lasted over a week, it was used as a fort, a sl…