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Who Knew?

Who knew that those onesies with the folded neckline like Lawson is wearing above are designed to open up wide enough so you can slip them off over their hips if they have a poop explosion?  I didn't, but my friend, Heidi's, husband did. We were both wishing he had shared this with us when we had our first kid, rather than wait until we had our 3rd - 3rd at home for me!

Who knew Q-tips were good booger pickers? I didn't. My friend Danielle was using them to grab some visible boogers out of her son's nose. I thought it was brilliant and a bit disappointed in myself that I hadn't thought of it. I hate visible boogers, eye sleep and ear wax. My kids will attest to my constant picking. Lucky for Lawson, my days of trying to put my fat fingers into her tiny nose are done.
Who knew that so many people would be perplexed by the shirt Deena and her crew gave to Lawson? I didn't. I would have thought if a person didn't remember the quote from the books or movies, …

A peek back

I am SO behind on making videos. Here is a peek at last year's September video. 
Video Q & A: How often do you make videos? I try to make monthly videos (the odd month there is no footage. . . . sometimes I am relieved when I discover this!). I am almost a year behind, but my goal is to make one movie a month. These videos usually take between 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes to create.
What do you use to make the videos? We have a Mac, so I use iMovie. If you are interested in making videos and in the market for a new computer, I would definitely recommend a Mac. iMovie is easy and when you purchase your computer you get 3 months of free support (I believe. . . and you can purchase more, which I did). The support is AMAZING. You can call them and ask them to help you with any issue (including "How do I make a video?") and they will help. They will even remotely access your computer to show you around.  
Are all the videos similar to the one you have showcased? Yes they are! I…

The Kidlets

Common phrases Boone says: "No thanks. I'm good." and "You. Time out. Over there." The first one he says almost every single time he says no to something. It is awesome. For a while this summer he shortened it to "I'm good."  This led to some seriously confusing conversations, because it just sound like a blur and it was a while before we could figure out what was going on!  As for the second phrase, we give time outs in our house and because we hand them out to Calder and Boone they feel the need to hand them out to each other, Hugh, myself, and occasionally even Lawson! Calder also says "Time out. Over there."  Boone is a bit of a copy cat when it comes to Calder.

Getting information about school from Calder is like pulling teeth, but we have gotten a few snippets from him last week. At supper time on Thursday we asked him how he was enjoying sitting by one of his buddies (I knew he was sitting there only because I dropped him off on t…

Back to work

I know I may be ahead of myself, but I am already thinking about back to work and it is making me a little crazy.

I will be starting semester 2 (Start of Feb.) in a new school and my teaching load has a number of challenges. One of the challenges will be the kind of students that typically take the classes. The majority of the students I expect to see in my classroom in February will not like math, nor will they be motivated to do it. I want all kids to succeed in my classroom, so this will be hard (particularly when some of these students will not care if they are taking away from others'  learning in the process). The other challenge I will be facing is that I haven't taught two of the 4 classes I am scheduled with. I am a planner, so right now this seems overwhelming. I found out about the assignment at the end of August and I am feeling a bit deflated that I wasn't told sooner. . . I am not blaming anyone. It is just how it worked out. . . Doesn't mean it doesn'…

Random Thoughts

I have so much to say about our summer, but I am afraid that I have left it so long that it will likely be a collection of photos telling the story rather than me. It has been a while since a wrote (a month!) and I think I am going to start off with something easy today.
• • • I made my first pumpkin spice latte today. So yummy. The recipe is HERE and I followed it to tee, minus the whipped cream on top - I added some cream in with my milk instead.  I also used frozen pumpkin rather than canned that I got from Deena last fall (we traded - I can't remember what I gave her, but this is my last bag of pumpkin and I think she got the raw end of the deal). Oh and I guess it wasn't a latte. It was a steamer. Because of my reflux I didn't add the expresso. So I guess I didn't follow the recipe quite to a tee, but it was absolutely delicious. And on this cool fall day, a yummy treat.
• • • With Calder I often play an "I love you" game. We alternate turns telling each…