Today, after spending some time in my sanctuary, Hugh announces to me, "this is the best day ever." There are 3 other times I have heard this statement from Hugh.  The first was our wedding, the second was Calder's birth and the third was Tripp's birth.  Today, it was that Calder was playing mini-stick hockey.

The game got a bit intense just before lunch.  I heard Calder cry out and begin bawling at the same time Hugh began repeating, "I'm sorry," over and over.  I ran over to see what happened and Hugh briefly stated that he had raised the "puck" and hit Calder in the face.  I assumed he had hit Calder with either the sponge puck we have or the sponge ball.  NOPE.  They had upgraded the puck to one of Cleo's tennis balls.  A few seconds later, Calder's crying had tapered off and he stands straight up and announces, "Daddy, puck up high.  Calder's eye."  Hugh "accidentally" hit Calder in the eye.  (Okay, Mr. World Junior.  Apparently, Hugh's saucer pass got away on him?)

They picked up the game where it left off this afternoon and Hugh almost put himself through the wall trying to make a save.  He then stood back and watched Calder take another wap at the puck and said in the most sincere voice I have ever heard him use, "this is the best."


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