Happy Birthday Calder

Our big boy is 2 years old today!  

This morning we went to Ikea and got a few things for his big boy bedroom!  (Calder also had his first Ikea "time-out" when he repeatedly ran away from us at breakfast. . . Happy, Happy Birthday.) 

This afternoon we are going to do some more "Calder-Friendly" things by trying to hit the Sea Lion Show at the mall.  We are also going to take Calder to Galaxyland.  They have a great area for kids his age with ball pits, slides and climbing appartuses.

We actually got him down for a nap this afternoon.  We have a lot of playing to do, so hopefully we have a happy boy when he gets up!


  1. Happy Birthday Calder!! What a fun bday....Ikea,and West Ed mall.... one of the few places it will still be fun on your 32nd birthday!!

    Have a great day! Love Ader

  2. Hey Calder

    SOrry Im a day late but mom wouldnt let me on the computer yesterday. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!! Hope you had a great day!!! Im so jealous you got to go on th big slides. I have your present and cant wait to have behappy cake with you...



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