Calder in March

Here is a little update on our "big" boy!

Calder's Favorite Toys
Right now, he is really into cars.  Calder got the Hot Wheels parking garage for his birthday and a car road map and plays endlessly with them.  He loads his cars into boxes and baskets and carts them from room to room.  We can't leave the house without a car or five!

Calder's Favorite Activities
Playing anything with Hugh would be number one (obviously), but he also loves to go to the pool to swim.  He has really started to get good at puzzles and will sit with us at the table while we read the paper or are on the computer and piece them together.  He repeatedly says  "upside down" as he turns pieces to try and make them fit and then says "right here" when finds a piece that fits!  Hugh is trying to teach Calder to say, "I win" as he snaps the piece into place.  No luck with that one yet, but I will keep you posted!

Calder's Favorite Foods
The number one's are Smarties and Chewy Chewys (what he calls any sort of fruit snack).  Healthier foods include noodles (as always), ham, sausage, asparagus, caesar salad and yogurt.

Calder's Newest Tricks
He is starting to string 3 and 4 words together.  Today he said, "Dylan Gates stay Daddy," while in the entrance way trying to put his shoes on.  He wanted to go to his buddy's house to stay over and wanted Hugh to take him!  Today Calder also pointed to Hugh's head and said, "Daddy hair all gone."  I almost rolled off the couch laughing.


  1. When he's right, he's right! LOL

  2. Good morning Jordan. It is A. Faye - I sneak on to U. Claude's facebook page. He should never give out his password - lol.

    Meagan suggested that I read your blog, as I hadn't read it for a few days. I am so moved by your ability to share your feelings with all of us. It is like I am with you as I read through your blog; I share in your pain Jordan and please continue to know that we love you and your amazing family.

    I remember when my mom, Hugh's Grandma Voros was ill, that she also lit a candle each day. I remember standing with my Mom praying by the candle.

    I also remember the anger that you are feeling, and I still feel this anger. When I see people much older than me who still have both of their parents, and they are still very healthy - how unfair. I see my friends shopping and enjoying time with their moms - how unfair. Jordan, I understand your grief when you feel the anger and frustration when you see a Mom with her young baby.

    Reading through your blog brought back some very painful memories for me that I have shoved to the very back of my memory; so I thank you for helping me to recall this memory.

    Love to you, Hugh, and Calder.

  3. love the updates on choncho! who gave him the hot wheels parking garage? sounds like a very smart and well thought out gift!

  4. It was the BEST gift ever. I can actually complete a whole blog while he is playing with it!


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