1st 2nd Birthday

Today we had Calder's 1st 2nd birthday.  He will turn 2 on March 8th.  This weekend all 3 of Hugh and I's siblings were in town along with my dad, so we though we better get the celebrations started.  We will hopefully be having a party for him with the rest of the grandparents and his buddies sometime in the relatively near future.  

Calder's favorite toy was from Uncle Luke. . . Hot Wheels!

Brittany, Auntie Abbey, Uncle Billy and Pace

Auntie Jes rocking the party hat!

Hugh and Calder

The crew.

Calder was sharing his cars with Pace

All the boys were working on setting up the Hot Wheels parking garage.

Hugh and Uncle Luke are having more fun than Calder!

Calder enjoying his cupcake.

Grandpa and Calder watching the Leafs game.

Calder and his girlfriend, Brittany. . .Oh, I mean Luke's girlfriend, Brittany.

More Hot Wheels for the tub!

Great 1st party!


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