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Right where I am - 5 years, 365 days

Tomorrow would have been Tripp's 6th birthday. I take photos of the kids for their birthday, but I have no new ones of him. He is my forever baby. . . . It is actually funny. For years I pictured him as a baby, but lately I picture him as a kindergartener. Not sure how or when that changed in my mind. I wish I knew more about how heaven work and what he was doing right now.

I think of Tripp more times a day than can be counted. I think of him without even being aware that I am thinking of him. There would be no possible way to count even if I tried. How many times a day do you think about your kids? Its the same thing with Tripp. Although, I don't have to think about getting him to hockey or having a snack ready for him after school, his being is woven into the fabric of my life. I think about him not being here all the time. Sometimes it comes from sadness and sometimes it is born of curiosity. What would our lives be like if he were here? What kind of boy would he be? How wo…

Happy 40th Hugh

We spent Hugh's birthday weekend doing one of the things he absolutely loves the most. . . Coaching.! Calder had his one out of town tourney last weekend in Regina. Hugh also loves a road trip with his family, so it set the stage for a great weekend.

Hugh will tell you he had a little too much fun in the wee hours of his birthday, but what the heck, I guess you only turn 40 once. Hugh will also tell you he has a great coaching staff and wife after the following day!

I truly feel blessed that Hugh is my partner. He is kind, considerate, smart, and loving. Hugh always looks for ways to take care of the kids and I. Honestly, I can't think of a better father to my kids. He has so much fun with them while still giving the structure and boundaries that all kids crave. I heart this man. Beard and all.

Happy 40th, Babe.

Funny facts about Hugh's beard. . . . Because I know you can't live without knowing these.

His beard is so long that he runs a comb through it. Hugh likely hasn…

Lawson is 2!

You can see Lawson's official 2nd birthday picture HERE, but honestly, there were so many pictures I loved I wanted to share a few.  Like Boone, Lawson has hazel eyes. Hers are a little more brown that green, compared to Boone's. I find them often hard to capture. The picture above is the best one, but truly doesn't totally capture them.

 Currently sucking on a Skittle. I had to bribe her for the last few snaps.  This is her legit smile. LOVE IT! Happy birthday to our assertive, polite, loud, kind, rough and tumble girl. We can't wait to learn more about you as you grow!


January absolutely flew by. I think for me part of it was that I don't work the first few days of the month and the other part is that it is end of semester. This change in my day-to-day work routine made the month absolutely fly by!

At the start of the month, I did a bit of cleaning in our pantry. We have a banker's box half full of Halloween candy sitting at the bottom. Yes. You read that right. I am really bad at throwing stuff out - particularly if it is something I might need or buy in the future. Treats come in hand on occasion, so I struggle to throw this crap out. And it is crap. Needless to say in my cleaning frenzy I realized that I needed to purge some of it. Subsequently, we had taco in a bag for supper. It was divine. Hugh and I just ate taco salad, but there were three little Halloween bags for the kidlets. Unfortunately, those were the only 3 items I got rid of in the Halloween box. I am a work in progress.

Boone is so outgoing. Hugh and I often wondered if he …