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Random Musings

I am FINALLY getting out of the house. We went to Regina last week and I was excited to wear some normal clothes. And by normal I mean nursing and baby belly friendly, but not the muumuus I've been living in (aka Hugh's t-shirts).  I was excited to try mixing patterns. I LOVE these camo leggings Deena picked up for me this winter. I tried it with a scarf I got last spring that is still one of my favourites. I also got to wear my jean jacket because it was such a nice day. It doesn't quite do up yet, but it didn't have to!
• • • Boone is really started to string some words together. He continues to repeat everything, but now says things like, "me backyard" and "stop, Calder". Our favourite two word string that he says is "come on" - Only Boone turns it into one word, "mon". I love it.

Boone sleeps in a sleep sack. Lately, he has been partying it up in bed. Houdini like, Boone removes the sleep sack (the zipper is safety pinned up)…

Lawson update - 2 months

Wow. Time has been flying.

Hahahahaha. Not it has not. It is dragging along. I have been having a rough time as you may have read. The healing process is slow going.

That being said, Lawson is already 2 months old. And because time has not been flying, I have been able to soak in so many of the sweet things that make this stage the best.
My favourite is the after feed, sleepy, burpy cuddles. 
I also love carting her sleepy little body around in my wrap.

And of course, maybe the best part, watching her brothers love her up.

Lawson is a good baby. She isn't "Boone" good, but she has started to come around ;-). She didn't nap or sleep well the first month. Lawson would fight to fall asleep, but once she was out, we would often have to wake her for a feed. At night it was tricky. She would get up hungry, lazily eat, and then take 1.5 hours to get back to sleep. It was treacherous. Lawson continues to take her time eating, but has realized that there is no fooling around…

Big Brothers

The one thing I know for sure is that these two boys love Lawson fiercely. They can't get enough hugs, kisses and cuddles with our girl. I hope she is always this spoiled with love from them. I know that at some point that love will look like screaming and wrestling, but I am confident that Calder and Boone will protect and care for her long after I am gone (and I am just as sure she will do the same for them). 
A homecare nurse last week commented that Lawson is such a lucky girl to have 2 big brothers.  Calder quickly corrected her. "She has 3 big brothers. Two here and one in Heaven." I love this about Calder. He doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is. Talking about Tripp is just part of how things work at our house. Lawson will never have a photo with Tripp, but he certainly will play a part in who she becomes. Just as he has played a part in who Calder has become. 

Boone loves to sit and hold Lawson. But mostly only when the t.v. is on. Please note he is starin…