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What I've been up to

Other possible titles: Feel sorry for me How many times can a person say "nipple" in one post? Could anything else go wrong?
So. It's been a while. I have had a number of inquires about how I am doing and people looking forward to reading my blogs. Everyone always says, "Well it must be crazy having 3 at home. I totally understand that you are too busy to write." Unfortunately, this has not been the reason for my absence. In fact, I have not had all 3 kids at home on my own except for a handful of hours in the last month. I have been busy though. . . Here is a list of appointments I attended:

February 18 - Lawson's follow-up with the hematologist.
February 18 - Jordan walk-in for mastitis
February 20 - Jordan walk-in for mastitis
February 24 - Jordan Dr. appointment for abnormal postpartum bleeding and thrush
February 24 - Jordan uterus ultrasound
March 2 - Lawson Breast Feeding Centre
March 2 - Jordan walk-in for possible abscess
March 3 - Lawson Dr. appoi…

Happy Birthday, Boone

Boone turned 2 on March 14. We had his birthday party that morning and he enjoyed a slice of ice cream cake. For supper that night we had noodles, cooked carrots, and bologna.

Boone's favorite gifts from his birthday are his new Play Doh crane, a big green transformer, chopsticks, and his Boston Bruins jersey.

Boone is goofy, screamy, and social. He also gives his sister the best hugs. 

Regular Tuesday

Today was my first day with all three kids at home. It actually went relatively smoothly (Lawson napped like crap, though). Hugh had a meeting tonight, so I even did bedtime alone. I had been really nervous to have all three on my own. I was scared I wouldn't be able to manage it all. I knew in my head that it was silly, but I still felt apprehension. I'm glad today is over. I am tired, but satisfied. I not only survived three kids, I have a reasonably clean house as I type this. (Not that a tidy house is an indicator of good parenting. . . Just shows me that I had it enough together to help the kids tidy up their toys and enough energy left to wipe my counters down!)

Today was a victory.

If you want to read about more of my victories (and failures), head over to Deena's blog. She is doing her Mommy Diaries again and I am up today!

Happy Birthday, Calder

Calder turned 6 years old on March 8. We had Calder's hockey wind-up that evening and enjoyed some cupcakes with his teammate. We had his celebratory supper the next night. Sushi and pop!
Calder asked for a clock radio for his birthday and has been listening to the radio and iPad non-stop since he got it! He also asked for a stapler. Calder loves art and had found the stapler at the art station at school very useful. 
Calder is full of energy, loves to play sports, and gives his sister the best hugs. 

Introducing Lawson Marie

Tuesday, February 10

I had been feeling crappy the past couple of days. Nothing that new. I feel crappy pregnant - particularly when I am REALLY pregnant. In the morning I took Calder and his cousin, Pace, to CJ's for a play and dropped them both off at their respective daycares for lunch so I could have a nap.

I woke up from my nap at around 3 pm with a jolt. I was immediately confident my water broke. There wasn't a ton of fluid (like when my water broke with Calder), but I was pretty sure I was going into labour. I called Hugh at work. I wasn't in a hurry to get to the hospital. The contractions I was having weren't any stronger or any more frequent than my Braxton Hicks, but we needed to get some things in order and Hugh's hands and muscle would come in handy. I called my sister to come out and look after the boys until my mom could arrive from Tisdale. Hugh loaded the car, shovelled the driveway and we were on our way to the hospital around 5 pm. I still wasn&…