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Odds and Ends from June

At the beginning of June, with the help of a committee I'm on, I organized a street hockey tournament. It was a really great day (I'm obviously biased). There were so many kids and families involved. Other than wishing for a little less wind, I could call the day a complete success. Calder invited a few of his Huskie Prospect teammates to play. It was a fabulous time!  After the event, we headed over to some friends for a bbq. A few of the kids ended up eating their suppers on the trampoline. Lawson kept standing up, so Hugh headed over to lay down the law. Just as he finished saying "You'll get a timeout if you do that again", Lawson held one finger up and said, "one". She then lifted her next two fingers and finished "two, three." Hugh could barely contain himself. Between her sassy attitude and the fact that we had no idea she could even count, let along represent those numbers, Hugh just zipped his lips and chose to walk away before he bur…
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At the end of April we headed to Edmonton for Calder's first spring hockey tournament of the year. It was Easter weekend, so it worked out well for us to spend an extra few days with the kids on a family get-away. It was an extra exciting drive as it was the first trip in our "new to us" van. I have a whole, hilarious post about the old van just waiting in my mind, but as you can tell I haven't been very dedicated to making time to write!  The new hot rod has 2 dvd players. The little ones watched Thomas the Train, Calder watched a BBC Dinosaur, and because we took a head set from my sister's van, Hugh and I listened to some fantastic 90's tunes on Google Play on our way up.   Boone also loves dinos so he and Lawson also got in on it as well. Ask Boone about the dino with the broken toe when you see him next.

The roads were absolutely horrific. It had snowed and was snowing. There was a foot of slush on the highways around Lloyd. We were happy to have left ea…


We started off April at a Family Dance at Hugh's school. It was amazing. The kids had a great time dancing. And by kids I mean Boone and Lawson. Calder was introduced more officially to the art of bottle flipping and spend a good portion of the evening flipping a water bottle with another boy his age. This was an amazing event and really cool to see so many people from the school community out. At one point they had a jigging contest. The adults went first and there was one man in particular who was AMAZING. When the kids' contest started, Boone meticulously imitated the jigger's moves. I wish I had a video. Boone didn't win the contest, but quite frankly, it was impressive.
This is Boone's attempt at smiling. Typically this is the face I get from him when I pull my phone out.

Although Calder may have needed a bit of coaxing to play with the boy his age, Boone needed none at all to engage with the kids at the dance. I won't surprised if Boone is one day a lady…


We didn't get to a great start to our birthday party season this year. At the end of February we had to cancel Lawson's because she was puking the day before the scheduled event. Lucky we put the call out early, because at almost the exact time her party was scheduled to start the next day, Boone started puking. When we had to cancel Lawson's party, we asked Boone if he would mind sharing his and our sweet boy immediately chirped up "Sure!"

Two Saturdays later it was Calder's party. Unfortunately, he woke up and puked. Although Hugh and I weren't optimistic about how he was feeling, Calder did eat breakfast. We told Calder about the possibility of having a to cancel his party, just to plant the seed. Calder responded,  "I just won't eat any cupcakes at mine and then I won't puke."  He promptly puke again. Party off.

We told Calder he could share with Boone and Lawson the next weekend, but Calder wasn't too keen on that. When we told …

Five on Friday

Boone and Calder are such opposites. Boone has an imaginary friend. Calder has no imagination. I suggested to Lawson on Tuesday that Calder would sit at the table with her and tell her a story and start it "Once upon a time. .. " and Calder immediately quipped, "I will NOT be doing that."  I could tell you of countless other times that Calder refused to make believe. . . . . . . .Well, okay. That might be a slight exaggeration about Calder having no imagination, but imaginary play certainly isn't Calder's go to. He did recently write a silly story, though. We found out from Madam that the grade 3s are writing silly stories. Calder, catching the tail end of a lesson, grabbed scrap paper and started writing. He continued writing the story on the bus on the way home from school and immediately shared it with us when he hopped off. Calder was so proud of it. The grade 3s are currently learning about rough drafts, so Calder has started his good copy of the story…

Happy Birthday, Boone!

Happy 4th birthday, Boone! Check out his birthday photo HERE and the outtakes below.

Unlike Calder, whose locks were almost too long to fit in his birthday picture, Boone loves a hair cut. We can't even mention one unless it is a for sure or he cries. He got one just in time for pictures!

Boone loves to play with other kids and there is never a concern of boredom at the rink as he will buddy up with anyone he sees. . . Whether he knows them or not!  Boone is outgoing and needs to be reminded to stay with us in public places. I lost him 3 separate times when we were in Regina at Calder's tourney. Not really pumped to share that, but he is so quick and completely confident in crowded, strange places.  Boone is playful and loves a laugh. And if need be will use any sort of inappropriate potty talk to get one. Boone gets along well with other kids of all ages. He is a hit in Calder's dressing room. A large group of Calder's teammates will shout his name when he walks in a…

Happy Birthday, Calder!

Calder turns 8 today! Check out his new birthday photo HERE. Enjoy some of the outtakes below!
Hugh and I couldn't believe how long Calder's hair was until we looked at these pictures. He doesn't want to get it cut and as long as he brushes it, we don't care!  Calder gets A LOT of comments and compliments on his hair which I think is a driving force for him not to cut it. Calder was puking on the weekend and as everyone with long hair is aware, it can get in the way. I suggested an elastic or a headband and he chose the headband. Calder later left the headband on the couch and I threw it on to take it back to my room to put away. I clearly don't wear headbands, because when Boone saw me he asked me if I was going to puke!
Calder is fiercely competitive. You will often hear him tell Boone and Lawson that he is beating them to finish his supper or that he beat them to get into the tub. Calder will also be able to tell you how many goals basically every player on his…