Another embarassing one

On Tuesday, I had this brilliant post formulated in my head. Then just before supper the power went out. Although the internet went down with the power, I still could have just written it on the computer to publish in the morning. Instead, I took full advantage of a sick child (who slept on the couch most of the evening) and a husband who was in the city (at his Grade 8's Farewell).

I read.

And also did some texting. But mostly I read (There was a moment that I thought I should conserve the power on my cell phone in case it the power took its sweet time coming on, but it was short lived. I figured that I could always go charge it in the van. Hugh was glad that it didn't get to that. He pictured me not getting the garage door open (I would have had to have manually open since there wasn't any power). Then he pictured me sitting in the van dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. I wish he would have given me a little more credit when this elaborate daydream was running through his head! I wasn't going to waste my time sitting in a dark, cold garage while it charged! LOL)

Then yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. To start with, after being up 4 times during the night, Calder puked all over the couch at about 7:30 am. Hugh and I had to do some serious planning to get figure how we were going to look after our sick boy. It was Hugh's last day with students and I had a speech to say at Grad. It is the wind-up to the end of the year.
Once it was sorted out. I got dressed in my "go-to" dress for the spring/summer. I purchased it with my personal stylist, Deena's, help while we were in Toronto.

I put it on VERY carefully yesterday. Not because the fabric is fragile, nor to save my hair from getting wrecked.

I put it on carefully, because the last time I wore it (the Teacher's Superannuation Banquet), I put it on BACKWARDS. And wore it out of the house! And didn't realize it was on backwards until we had been socializing for upwards of an hour!

In fact, I noticed just as Hugh and I were on our way up to get our second drink. My necklace had slipped under the front of my dress. When I pulled it out, I felt something a bit strange. It was only a moment before I realized it was THE TAG. I am sure I turned bright red. In any case, I quickly turned to Hugh and told him I had to hit the ladies room.

At that exact moment, I ran into fellow blogger, Dani. We met through our blogs, but our worlds are actually quite connected. We started chatting. Well, actually, I started blathering on about something stupid. I was so embarassed. At that moment I felt like EVERYONE must know that my dress was on backwards. All I could think about was getting to the bathroom and remedying the situation. Dani, I think noticing my awkwardness, ended our conversation quite quickly by saying, "I don't want to hold you up on your way to the bathroom." Thank-you, Dani!

I did a quick switcheroo in the bathroom and the crisis was averted.



  1. Bahhaha!! I had NO idea!! I was just as uncomfortable, just because of the amount of people and the crowds- I like having my back against the wall and observing. :)

    ps.. no one knew, except you! :)

  2. Hello Jordan!Just popped by to thank you for following my blog.I have had a little read of your blog and think its lovely - I love the honesty of your writing. x


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