I had the best night of sleep yet.  I had to put my ear plugs in at about 4 am, because Hugh was snoring and I didn't want to wake him to get him to stop.  I slept right through Calder getting up at 7:30 am awoke at  8 am.  Don't get me wrong, I am still exhausted, but one good night's sleep feels really nice.

I wish I could say the same for Hugh.  In the limited words we exchanged this morning, he said that when I heard him snoring it must have been during the few minutes of sleep he got last night.  When I came out to the living room this morning Calder was playing with his cars and Hugh was sleeping on the couch.  I told Hugh he should have woke me up when Calder was stirring.  I would have gotten up with him if Hugh was so exhausted, but Hugh thought since I was still sleeping he didn't want to wake me up.  I immediately sent him to bed.  He must be utterly exhausted, because he usually puts up a fight when I give him an order like that! I hope I don't see him until at least lunch.

Until then I will occupy myself with Calder, cars and coffee.


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