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Calder's Mishaps. Part 2.

The treadmill mishap happened in the morning. Mishap #2 happened at 9:30 pm that night at the lake.

Our boy was seriously pumped to go to the lake that Friday. It was the first time of the season and Calder had been waiting all winter to head back to the cabin. He was so excited on Friday that just about every five minutes he was asking me, "When are we going to the lake?" By the time early afternoon hit, I was ready to lose my mind. I threatened to lock him in the backyard if he asked one more time. I was serious and apparently Calder could tell. He didn't ask again. Instead he took a break for about 20 minutes and then began asking when Hugh was coming home.  We were leaving once he arrived from work. Well played, Calder. Well played.

Calder normally hits the hay between 7 pm and 7:30 pm, but we didn't arrive at the lake until almost 7 pm and there was way too much exploring and playing to do in the sand to get our man to bed on time. At 9 pm we roped him in for a …

Calder's Mishaps. Part 1.

Our treadmill is in the corner of our basement with the end of the tread butted up against a wall. On Friday I was doing my last run of the week. Seemingly out of nowhere, Calder was standing on the far side of the treadmill, closest to the wall, asking for a drink of my water. When Calder finished, I put the glass back up on the ledge. It wasn't until he jumped over the tread to get back to his monster trucks that I realized that he had leaped across the moving tread in order to stand near the wall and have a drink of water. My first thought was to tell him not to do that again, but I was obviously a bit tired, because I figured now that he had a drink that he wouldn't do it again. Come to think of it, I must have been REALLY tired, because Calder loves doing "stunts" like that. I really should have said something. Needless to say, about 30 seconds after he had jumped across, I heard him screaming behind me. Calder had tried to jump across again, only this time was…

Running Update

I just wanted to let you know - in case any of you have hopped on the 5K bandwagon - that I haven't missed a run yet and am currently in the middle of week 4 of my training. There is NO way I will be running 5K by the end of the 8 week training. I just run too slow! Once I get to the point where I can run for 1/2 an hour, I will work on increasing my speed to get me up to that 5K distance

I have decided to run in the Color Me Rad race in Saskatoon on September 14. I am going to run this for fun. You should really check out the website. It looks pretty awesome!

There is also a race in Martensville. A former teammate let me know about it. She has looked into it, but they aren't sure when they are going to run it yet. She is going to keep me posted. I would like to run a 5K to see how fast I can go and it would be great to do it in my home community.

As the summer progresses, I will work on increasing my speed over increasing the distance I can run. I have no desire to run a 1/2 …

Rotten Egg

Calder and I went on a fabulous walk/bike ride yesterday. I had Boone in my wrap as we cruised the walking paths around our house. I just feel good being out in this fresh air. The sun feels so amazing.  We were gone for over an hour and as we made our way back onto our crescent Calder told me he wanted to race.

"Mom, let's say the first one home is a rotten egg."

"Sure we can race, Bud, but I think you mean the last one home is a rotten egg."

"Yah, the FIRST one home is a rotten egg. The last one home is a bird."

"Alright . . . but you better get going, because I am winning!"

Calder beat me to the driveway (of course) and as he waited he was riding his bike in tight circles in the driveway chanting, "I'm the rotten egg. I'm the rotten egg." I was obviously laughing when I made my way up the drive. Calder then told me that I was the bird.

Yes, bud. This bird gave birth to a rotten egg. Makes perfect sense :-)

Mother's Day Reflection

We were at my parents this weekend and after a bit of a sleep in on Sunday I devoured some pancakes and breakfast sausage (there is no better than my dad's). My mom, brother, Hugh, Calder, Boone, and I then joined my Grandma Fritshaw at her church service later in the morning. It was the first time I have been to church since before Tripp died, with the exception of a funeral. I believe in God. I just am still not sure how the church fits into my life, yet. When we arrived at Grandma's church we were welcomed by numerous members of her congregation. What a friendly group of people! I spent most of the service in the "babies" room. Boone was hungry and cranky. When I finally got him settled the sermon was winding down. The pastor's wife played THIS video for us.

It is worth a watch - although I didn't watch the whole thing. It is a video about a mother's love. I knew when it started playing it would be sad, but would have an uplifting message. I immediatel…

Random Thoughts

. . . Last Sunday, for the first time since delivering Boone I stepped on the scale and didn't see a decrease in my weight. I was deflated. I had started my walk to run program and thought that would be an aid in getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I did a quick inventory of my eating habits last week. Breakfast consisted of an apple and low-fat muffin. Lunch was a salad. Supper was a free for all and the only snacks I had during the day were bananas. All in all pretty darn good. Unfortunately, in the evenings I ate a total of 2 bowls of popcorn (drenched in butter - is there any other way to eat it?), 2 Blizzards, and a chocolate bar. I think I see the problem! I got all 3 of my runs in this week and needless to say I didn't eat ANY junk after supper! Even if the scale doesn't move, I will be feeling ALOT better about myself come my Sunday weigh-in!

. . . Did you hear about the transgender who wanted to try a dress on in a wedding boutique and was denied by the owner?…

Boone 9 Weeks

Boone is a really good baby. We are so lucky!

He eats every 3 hours and skips a feed a night! At first he would give me a couple 4 hour stretches between feeds at night and now he is giving me a 6 hour stretch between feeds (so about 5 hours of consecutive sleep). During the day he only stays up for around an hour and we have to start his wind-down routine at about the 50 minute mark. He then typically sleeps for 2 hours. He is not perfect. Sometimes we have to go in and give him a hand falling back to sleep if he wakes up. It is very rare that we aren't able to settle him back down.

Boone is the noisiest eater alive. My milk comes very fast and he smacks on every suck to control the flow. I haven't breastfeed in a public place yet (other than the odd bathroom), but I am sure to get a few looks when I do!

Boone gives us lots of smiles after he eats. He enjoys sitting in his vibrating chair and in the swing. For the most part Boone only cries when he is tired or hungry.

The most…

Updated Blog!

As you can see I updated the look of my blog. It was time for a change and I thought a bright springy look was in order. Making a new header took forever. I had a hard time remembering how to change the header width (I used to change the HTML, but can no longer do that in Blogger). I found THIS blog post explaining exactly what I needed to do. Easy!

The picture I used for the header is from one of my flower beds - hopefully this weather continues, I am anxious to put my green thumb into action!

I also updated Calder's tab and created a tab for Boone, if you want to check it out!

Happy Monday :-)

Spring cleaning

This weekend we did some spring cleaning. Hugh did a number on the garage and gutted the entry way closet. This meant that I had piles of stuff to go through and put away (love how his project pulled me for almost an hour's worth or work!). I had a number of purses at the back of the closet that haven't been used in a long time (In fact one had receipts in it from March 2010 - YIKES). Here is a look at what I found:

Items of note: A van key that has been missing for over a year and a $50 Visa card. 
This cleaning was a kick-off to My Happiness Project. Getting rid of clutter really makes a person feel good. I had done ALOT of organizing and cleaning before Boone arrived, so I am well on my way to de-cluttering. Next project may have to be my closet, but I am going to give it a couple of weeks - partly because I really don't want to do it, and partly because I am still wearing some of my maternity clothes. On top of that, it could snow any day and I don't want to have a…

Back at My Happiness Project

I am back on the treadmill this week (I refuse to run in snow and this is what I woke up to on Monday which was Day 1).

I am doing a couch to 5 km program. I found a free app on my phone that seems to be good called C25K FREE if you are interested in joining me. I definitely have some work to do in order to get into shape. It starts with running 1 minute and walking 1.5 minutes and at 8 weeks has you running 5 km. I walked slow and jogged slow and still had to stop a couple of time to catch my breath on Day 1!  I am glad I am back at it. I like being in good shape, especially when it comes to running around with Calder!
I would eventually like to run in a 5 km race. I'm not sure when I will get my act together and enter one. I will be done the program at the end of June, but I don't want to enter a run during the summer. This is partly due to the summer being busy, but I also want to be able to more than just complete a 5 km race. I want to be able to job at a pace I am proud …