Hugh and I had planned on having our first full day at home with just the three of us.  We didn't make it.  By afternoon, Hugh was needing to do something.  Sitting around had gotten to be a bit much for him.  So, I headed off to the shower and when Calder got up from his nap,  (which in the last 3 days have went from 3 hours to 1 hour...UGH) we headed into the city.

We got done some running around and did a bit shopping.  Hugh wants to build an office in the basement and I wanted a ring.  We needed a Tim's about halfway though our trip.  We aren't sleeping great.  The last couple of nights I haven't slept well, but Hugh has slept horribly.  In fact, I got up with Calder this morning because Hugh was too exhausted (that NEVER happens around here).

Then last night I went to a Stella and Dot party at Deena's.  I was apprehensive and nervous.  I was leaving the house without Hugh.  I was anxious about being gone without him, but also I was worried it would be hard for Hugh to be alone once Calder went to bed.  Lately, too much thinking is being done when we are alone.

Things at the party went really well for me.  There were so many of my friends and people who knew about Tripp that I didn't even get around to introducing myself and making small talk with the few people I didn't know.  I was relieved to just be among friends.  I could talk about Tripp and how I was feeling physically and emotionally without any anxiety.  It was so nice.

Hugh said things went well at home.  He would have lied if they didn't.  He would never want me to feel guilty or bad for doing something that was good for me.  Regardless of what he said, I was glad to be home with him.  He looked tired and drained

Hugh and I finished our night on the coach watching an old episode of Hawaii 5-0 we PVR'd.  Hugh rubbed my feet while I scratched his legs (Hugh's favorite)!


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