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Happy Birthday, Hugh

Words out of Hugh's mouth this week:
"Scoring goals never gets old."  "I hate losing"
How much do I love this man?
Hugh is 38 years old today. Easily the oldest guy on his hockey team. Still easily one of the best players (and other people would say that - not just his wife!). Hugh always says I'm the competitive one (which isn't a lie), but won't easily admit how competitive he can be. Both things I love about him.
Hugh is a great partner and father. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate to choose him.

Other words out of Hugh's mouth this week:

"I am old enough to be that teammate's dad" And it wouldn't have been a teen pregnancy! 
Happy birthday, babe! We love you and are thrilled we get to spend the year 38 with you.  
If you want the background behind these pictures, see HERE.

False Alarm

I thought I was in labour late Saturday night. Like seriously thought it. I was pumped it was starting, because that meant this pregnancy would be over, but upset because I really, really, really want to go into labour during the day. I was so convinced I was in labour that I actually started rounding up things in the middle of the night to pack in my suitcase. Remember, I haven't packed one yet! I knew Hugh would be good at gathering most of the stuff on my list, but nursing tank and flip flops could be stumpers for him.

Obviously, I wasn't in labour. If I had been this would be a post about baby #4 and not titled "false alarm". In my defence I was experiencing EXACTLY what I experienced for my first couple hours with Boone's labour. Turns out there must be a flu going around with the exact same symptoms. Hooray for me. Because of the flu I felt crappy on Sunday and to top it all off, I was upset I didn't have a baby. I am 38 weeks today. Boone came 9 days l…

New Slippers!

HERE is the post about the slippers I bought while pregnant with Boone. Here are the upgrades:
I bought these at The Trading Post downtown Saskatoon. Apparently, they sell them in Tisdale as well if you are looking! They came HIGHLY recommended by Deena and my sister-in-law, Brittany. They were pricey (over $80), but I have quickly fallen in love. They are definitely an upgrade from my last pair. I love, love, love them! Hooray for IVIG treatments being over!

Random Thoughts

I have been busy checking things off my nesting list this week. I've also been able to get a visit in with some friends and spend some time with each of the boys. So far, so good! I will also note that I am feeling a lot better not being on my feet as much and being able to lie down during the day (Calder has school and Boone is going to daycare part-time).

I had an ultrasound and pre-natal appointment on Friday. Dr. M told me that things were looking good and that she thought I would make it a week, but didn't think I would make it the 3 weeks to my due date. I'm not sure if it was her words, or my own paranoia, but I was a little afraid this past weekend that I was having signs of labour. Okay. I was more than just a little afraid. I actually started crying on Saturday night when I thought I was in the beginning stages. I felt like I was getting ripped off not having one day to myself!  Needless to say, I did not go into labour and have since settled with the fact that I…