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Kids at work

What was I thinking? 

I brought Calder and Boone to work today so we could make a fast exit to the lake after school. It is a pretty low key day at school, but they still managed to act like morons during the few moments I needed them to act semi-normal. And Boone broke my wax warmer while he was cleaning my desk. I so wanted to lose it, but he was trying to be helpful and it was an accident. I may have cried a couple of silent tears.

2 more hours. I've got this. . . And if not, my mom and dad's fridge at the lake is stocked to the rim. Unpacking may be put on hold until the morning!


Calder played his last year of Senior Rally Cap baseball this year. I helped coach this year and had a number of frustrating moments and a number of proud ones. Calder isn't as serious about ball as he is about hockey and at times this made me want to scream. Fooling around was the name of the game at the start of the year and just when we got that straightened out he learned how to floss. And he does that everywhere, not just in the field.

In terms of his skills, Calder started the year with an incredible upper cut and we spent plenty of time in the front yard with badminton birdies working that out. He made some tremendous progress and I feel confident with some informal baseball fun at the lake, we will have all but left that ugly swing in the past. His throwing went from mediocre last year to pretty darn good this year. We can actually play catch now! It is pretty awesome. And since I love playing catch and Hugh blew up his shoulder demoing a drill at a novice practice in the …

Happiness From Friends

I can't remember what chapter in The Happiness Project that Rubin talks about relationships, but today I was reminded of how much they make me happy. I had my bi-annual final exams lunch date with Deena. She is definitely one of the people in my life who are kindred spirits and no matter the time between visits we have a great time catching up, but also ALWAYS have meaningful conversations where we talk about more than just our day-to-day stuff. She touches my soul.

On my way back to the school today I realized that not only do I need more of Deena in my life, but I need more of all my people. In working out how to make the time for this, I realized that coffee and lunch dates are just much too hard to organize. We are too busy. I hate that phrase, but, well, it is what it is. Way too many commas there, but I can do whatever I want on my blog. Anyway,  I then remembered that with our billet/son, Brad, Hugh and I have a phone date every week or two. These are always great visits an…

My Happiness Project

So many people have been posting about the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis that I desperately want to read it. I had meant to go to Indigo weeks ago to pick it up. Apparently, it is the kind of book that you make notes in and reference later, so your own copy is key. Needless to say, I didn't get to Indigo. I should have known myself and immediately ordered it online, but alas, I sometimes forget who I am.

The desperation to get this book has been born from this sense lately, that I just want to be better. I don't really know what that means but somehow Rachel Hollis's book was going to help me be better. When I didn't have it this past Friday when Hugh and the little two were at the lake I got to thinking about My Happiness Project. Shortly after Tripp died, I bought the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and started implementing many of her ideas into my life to help combat the grief. (I hilariously thought that was a thing!) Like most of the thi…