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Style Me Challenge

Day 10 - Bright Cardigan, Stripped Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Leopard Flats
I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable in my boyfriend jeans (American Eagle). The more they bag out the more I like them. In fact, I may never wash them! Ha! I also like that they aren't distressed. I feel like they work for a more casual work look for me since they aren't.  I am also loving the 3 bright cardigans I bought (Gap). They make any outfit feel more springy!

Day 11 - Button Down, Skinny Jeans, Nude Flats, Scarf
Day 12 - Maxi Skirt, Bright Tank, Neutral Cardigan, Wedges

I posted my 4 button down options the night before on our Style Me Challenge Facebook page. It was pretty close between the coral, stripped, and pink, but the pink won out! I am really loving that scarf more and more (Gap). The popover is from last year (Old Navy). I bought it this time last year when I had some baby weight to lose and it is a bit too big now. I was glad to see that when I tucked it it, you can't tell! Jea…

An Open Letter

Dear Smokers,

I want you to know that when you stand right outside a door and light up, I have to walk through that smoke. It is gross to me. I get that it is outdoors and you think it is your right, but what about my rights? I want to be out in public and not have to breath in cancerous fumes. I get that the limited exposure I get from walking through your smoke would not be enough to link any cancer I got to what you are doing, but it doesn't make it okay. As the CDC says on their website, "There is no risk-free level of exposure to second hand smoke".

I care about the world I live in and the world my kids are going to live it. When you litter your butt in a parking lot, or on a walking trail, you are wrecking the world I live in. I'm sure most of you who do this would think it poor to litter other sorts of garbage, yet you litter your cigarette butt. If those butts are too gross to leave in your car, or store in your pocket, don't smoke places where you don…

Random Thoughts

We think Boone is saying his first word. It is "eye". Whenever I am done nursing him before bed, Boone lays on my lap and I point out all the parts of his face. Boone has started pointing at my eye and saying "Ahhh". I was hoping this was just a bit of a fluke. His first word can't be "eye". How weird! But as it turns out, he is saying it fairly consistently and as much as I want "mama" to be his first word, "eye" it is! As strange as Boone's first word is, in the last two weeks, I have heard two babies Boone's age whose first words were, "Let It Go" from the song of the same name found in the movie Frozen! Too Funny!

Calder has loved riding his bike the last few weeks. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten out that much. It is snowing as I write this! His favourite place to ride is right at the edge of the sidewalk on the street. The reason this is is favourite spot is that right now there is always a stream of wa…

Style Me Challenge

Style Me Challenge! I am really having quite a bit of fun with this. Here are days 3 - 9.
Day 3: Neutral Cardigan, Bright Tank, Statement Necklace, Boyfriend Jeans, Wedges As you can see I basically did NOTHING on the list. I went to put the bright tank and cardigan on and knew it wouldn't work as I would freeze in my classroom wearing it. The wedges had to go for the same reason. I did find a colourful jersey knit long sleeve (Costco) to replace the tank, but didn't have an other neutral cardigans, so went with a jersey knit cardigan. Also replaced the boyfriend jeans, because they didn't seem dressy enough for work. I went with these grey jeans (American Eagle) and in hindsight, they aren't looking all that dressy either! Boots (Spring) were also a necessity. It was FREEZING here last week and I really wasn't feeling springy at all on Wednesday!

Day 4: Denim Shirt, White Jeans, Neutral Flats, Scarf
I clearly strayed a bit here, but only on the pants (Gap). My whit…

Happy Easter

For me, Easter is about remembering a kind, loving man who made a tremendous sacrifice for those he loved. I think a lot about heaven at Easter. I wonder what it is like there. I think one of my biggest questions would be if we could feel there. I get that our physical bodies are gone, but I just dream of holding Tripp in my arms again. 

I encourage you NEVER to spend money on a boxed egg colouring set. All you need is food colouring, water, and vinegar. I always have the Wilton food colouring on hand. It gave the eggs such vibrant colours. Calder did some colouring on his and I wrote his name. I put elastic bands on the one on the right to get the stripped effect. We are going to maybe try the shaving cream thing some year, but not yet. Calder is not a "craft" kind of kid. The whole egg process was about 1/2 an hour and I had his attention for the first 5 and maybe 5 more dispersed amongst the next 25. Hugh laughed at me getting this cool activity ready and then sitting by …

A little bit of sad

I'm not sure what it has been about the last week, or what has lead up to this last week, but I am finding myself extra sad for Tripp.

I think maybe it started a couple of weeks ago with parent teacher interviews. There were a number of parents who asked how many kids we had. When you have a child who lives in heaven, that feels like a bit of a loaded question. I told most of them about Tripp, but a few I didn't. After I felt bad I hadn't told all of them, but I know exactly why I chose not to. Sometimes it is hard to tell people about my dead baby. No. Check that.

Sometimes it is hard to receive people's reactions to my dead baby. 

I could make you a list of a dozen things in the last week that made me cry. I even cried twice in the van on the way to and from work. I don't do that as much anymore, so twice in one week is a lot. Last night all I wanted to do was eat. Stuff my broken heart would food. It is surprising how good indulging can make you feel. Even if it&…

Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge

If this is your first time to my blog, WELCOME! I am excited to be participating in the Style Challenge and so glad Deena organized us linking our blogs. Just a little background (in case you were interested!) I am a wife to Hugh and mother to Calder, Tripp, and Boone. I spend my days in my classroom teaching high school math in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and my evenings and weekends are spent chasing my boys.

For my regular readers who may have forgotten for the style challenge, I got a list of 18 items and for the next 21 days I get a daily outfit to put together using those items.

Day 1 (Monday) - Jean jacket, button down, white jeans and leopard print flats
I substituted a navy cardigan for a jean jacket. I couldn't find a jean jacket I liked and didn't want to get one that I wouldn't wear. Found the navy cardigan at the Gap for $6, so I couldn't go wrong. I am always cold, so it will get lots of wear. I don't entirely get jean jackets. I feel like in order for th…

Indoor Adventure

Hugh and I have been itching to hit the Forestry Farm Zoo this spring, but the weather has been sucking. When we heard it was going to continue to be sucky on the weekend, we planned an indoor adventure with our good friends the Gates'. We packed up the kiddies and headed to the University to tour around and check out the dinosaurs.  The University was a great way to kill a couple of hours. We toured in through Place Riel, headed down through the tunnel and over to Thorvalson. Then through Biology and Agriculture. The kids ran, laughed and had a great time. The only thing I would do differently next time would be not to go during final exams. Oops. We had to rein the boys in a couple of times when we passed some exams. I had completely forgot it was that time of year! This weekend we might be forced to plan another indoor adventure. The weather is looking a bit on the grim side. I would love to hear your suggestions!
Happy Tuesday!

Five on Friday

Best parts about spring:
1.The setting aside of winter coats. I actually wore mine on Monday, which will hopefully be the last time until well past Thanksgiving. Over the break we are going to do some spring cleaning around our house and the winter/summer outerwear flop is on the list!
2.Sunshine feeling warm. Saskatchewan is one of the sunniest places in Canada, yet the sun shining down on you in freezing temperatures just doesn’t feel as good as when it shines down in the spring.
3.Style MeChallenge. I have been really enjoying searching for items. I haven’t had much success so far, but hopefully a trip to the mall today will get me on track. Stayed tuned next Wednesday for a post about the first few days. I will be linking up with Deena and a few other bloggers to share our outfits.
4.Picking the boys up from daycare – outside. I love pulling up on our crescent and seeing all the kids. This week there has typically been around a dozen kids playing on our side of the crescent any give…

The Tisdale Rambler Rodeo

I have so many fond memories of rodeo weekend growing up in Tisdale. Spring was always in the air and there is nothing like some warmth and sunshine to put a sparkle on any event. The town was always hopping. There are always visitors from out of town and a surplus of locals all gathered at the RECplex. Tisdale has an incredible facility for a town of around 3500 people. The rink is attached to the curling rink with a huge shared lobby. Also attached to that facility is the elementary and secondary school and the rink lobby has access to the elementary school gym. Between the rink cleared out to house the rodeo and the gym and curling rink filled up with trade show booths, there is an abundance of action. I can even remember the smell cotton candy mixed with livestock that would hit you the moment you stepped foot into the building.  That was the smell of the Tisdale Rambler Rodeo. My family always went to the rodeo. The event is put on by the Ramblers (the sr. hockey team) and since m…

Settling into my new groove

Being back at work is exhausting. I am beat at the end of the day. I would even say I'm considerably more tired than I was running after my two kids at home all day. Being at home can be exhausting in other ways, but I don't think my body dragged as much at the end of the day, nor did my eyes feel as heavy. Now don't start a working mom vs stay at home mom debate after I say this, but being a working mom is harder, FOR ME, than being a stay at home one.

I have really had a hard time motivating myself to blog in the evenings. My brain keeps swirling and Facebook seems too interesting (and believe me, it's not that interesting!). . . .

Today I was reminded that there are some ways in which grade 9 boys are exactly like 5 year old boys. In fact, I told a couple of them that they were making me feel like I was babysitting and not teaching today! Their new thing is putting garbage in each other's hoodies. Why? Why? Why?

I will say that being back at work has been great …

What I'm wearing today

Here is today's outfit. To top is from Bliss in Tisdale, shoes Le Chateau (I get so many compliments on them), necklace Ricki's (it is green - hard to tell the color in this picture).

Deena has joined a style challenge and has inspired me to do the same. It costs $10 and you receive a list of 18 items and 21 outfits to make with those items. Apparently, there should be lots of things in our closet already on the list of 18 items, so hopefully only a handful of purchases to nab to complete the list. I was completely intrigued and even if I don't style each outfit the same as the stylist, I am hoping to be inspired. You can check it out HERE. It is from the blog Get Your Pretty On. Let me know if you join! I am excited :-)

Calder likes my heels almost as much as I do. This is a picture of him this morning. He actually pulls my heels out every couple of days and tromps around the house. I like heels because they make me tall and feel pretty. Calder likes them because them m…