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Summer Style Me Pretty

Day 3 - Khaki Shorts, Stripped T-Shirt, Statement Necklace, Metallic Sandals I LOVE the outfit (t-shirt - Old Navy, shorts - Gap) on the left. Not shockingly it was too miserable to wear it. I was disappointed. My classroom is normally UBER hot at the end of June so this would have been the perfect outfit. I ended up pairing the stripped top with my boyfriend jeans (American Eagle) and a sweater (Joe Fresh). I don't have any khaki pants, so I thought the tan sweater kept the spirt of the outfit while allowing me to retain some heat in my cool classroom!
Day 4 - Tank, Printed Shorts, Metallic Sandals, Fedora
On the left is the outfit I wanted to wear (tank - Old Navy, shorts - Gap, fedora - Gap), but the weather here was miserable, so I wore what's on the right (skirt - Gap, jacket - Bootlegger). I'm still unsure what I think about the fedora. I even tried to wear it this weekend at a friends for practice and barely left it on 15 minutes. I think I will enjoy it reading a bo…

Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge

The Style Me Pretty Challenge is back! Here are the first couple of days:

Day 1 - Coloured shorts, white tee, statement earrings, metallic sandals
There were no shorts in the forecast for me, so these bottoms were subbed in and are deep purple (I got them for around $12 at the Bay!). I dressed it up with a popover (Gap) and nude heels (Nine West). Statement earrings I've had forever and, you can't tell, but I am also wearing a leopard belt (Target).

Day 2 - Denim shirt or vest, stripped top, white shorts, sneakers

I'm still not sure what I think about the denim shirt (Gap). I guess I probably don't like it because I can't decide on it and I've owned it for a couple of months. I wore it twice for the spring challenge and haven't pulled it out since. I don't have a jean vest yet, so thought I would give it a go. I definitely like this outfit more without it. The striped top (Gap) was $6.67 and I bought it in 2 other colours I loved the price and fit so much…

Father's Day 2014

We were at the lake to begin Father's day. It was miserable and raining. The people are always the best part and we were lucky to be in the presence of my parents, brother and sister.  There was a bright-eyed three year old missing, but such is our life.  Yesterday morning I had a brilliant idea to stand on the deck and take some photos. Overcast is great for taking photos and I can't remember if I even have a photo of just my dad and I. Happy Father's Day, Dad! I also thought it would be great to get a bunch of group shots as well. Needless to say, I forgot. I am counting on my mom, sister, and sister-in-law to help me remember for the July long. The men are useless in that department :-) Below: Calder and Hugh reading Boone his nap time story. 
It was Hugh's day and his one and only request was to build a lego table for Calder by purchasing big lego grids and gluing them on the underside of our train table. While Calder and Hugh got to work on the project, I gave Bo…

I have 3

A little over a year ago I attended Hugh's convocation. He got his special education certificate from the University of Saskatchewan. Who knew the University gave out certificates? And that they take as many classes as a masters to get? Calder spent the day at daycare. If you have been to a convocation you know why. They are BORING. I didn't go to either of my ceremonies, yet somehow I have been to 2/3 of Hugh's. Ha! I am very proud of Hugh, so I bit the bullet and took Boone to sit in the crowd and cheer him on during his 4 seconds of recognition. :-)

As I was waiting for things to get going I wandered around the upstairs lobby with a 3 month old Boone in my arms. I figured even for him it was going to be a long haul sitting in the audience. As I wandered I took note of a little boy and his grandma. When I approached them the woman reached out to me and asked me how old Boone was. Thus began our 20 minute conversation. I returned the comment by asking how old her grandson…

The Craziness

June has been crazy at our house. It feels like things should be winding down and our time commitments less, but there is so much work that comes from winding down.

Things have to give when the craziness hits. I have missed the last two of my #DCMOOC classes. Luckily they are recorded and I can go back and watch them later. Those may be pushed to the summer. I have almost dropped my blog entirely. This is the one that hurts the most. I have so many things to write about but don't have the time or the energy when I do have the time. I recently read an article about enjoying your thirties. One of the things on the list were find a hobby you enjoy and take the time to do it. For me it is writing and documenting our family in videos and photographs. You have been witness to the slack-off in the blog department, but this slack-off has also occurred in the visual documentation of my family. In fact, this morning I was so distraught that I hadn't videotaped Boone in over a month that…

Summer Style Challenge

The Summer Style Challenge is nearly here. I almost forgot to sign up and wanted to make sure you don't miss out! I had such a fun time with the Spring Challenge it was a no-brainer to do the summer one.

I can't tell you how great the Spring Challenge was for me. It helped me better understand what my style is and even more importantly what kinds of clothes look best on me. It was also really uplifting to see all the different women interpreting the daily outfits to fit their body type, work requirements, and lots of times, using what they already had in their closets as substitutions. With the Spring Challenge I really wanted to have EVERYTHING on the list and so I bought almost all of it (with the exception of a few pairs of shoes). It was fun having all the stuff to wear, but this time I am really going to focus on purchasing the stuff I know I will wear. For example, as much as I love the white jeans, I cannot for the life of me keep them clean. Boone's feet hit right …