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Catch Up

I haven't been finding the time to blog and have been feeling guilty about it! Why do I do that to myself?! LOL

Here is a quick catch up . . . Mostly in photos!
Halloween came and went. These costumes will likely go down as my favourite of all time. I am actually hopeful that the kids want to dress the same next year. It was a gorgeous evening on the 31st. No snow, no breeze, no toques needed. We had our usual 150 trick-or-treaters who were all done by 7:30 pm.
I took the ultrasound photos down from our fridge about a week ago. This was emotional for me. Those big ones on the bottom were Tripp's, so they have been there 5 years. I have looked at them many times and wondered how long I would leave them up. They likely would have been up longer, but Lawson's picture at the front is starting to crack. I felt like if I was taking hers down, they all needed to come down. Hugh noticed right away that I removed them. It was a moment for him too.
I don't know a kid who doesn&#…

Sleeping Arrangements

Two weeks ago I woke up to a door closing. Hugh had fallen asleep on the couch so I did a listen to see if it was him. My ears perked up immediately as I heard Boone's voice. I crawled out of bed and slowly opened Boone's door. He was standing just inside the door. His sleep sac had been pulled off and left in his crib. I asked him what was going on and he said, "I go pee. YOU GO. I go bed self."  He then closed the door in my face. I wearily crept back to my room and slunk down into bed. I looked at the clock. It was 1 am. . . 1 AM. I woke up a bit as it dawned on me that I had let my 2 year old climb back into his crib and put himself to bed in the middle of the night. At this point I got out of bed with a bit more purpose. As I opened the door to his room he was already back in his crib, laying down. Boone and I then had a battle to get the sleep sac back on. I won. Boone is good like that if he has options. When he didn't agree off the hop I told him shirt or…