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Social life?

I attended the Shellbrook Elks hockey game last night to cheer on my wonderful husband, Hugh. Although I missed the first period and a bit putting my son to bed, it was nice to feel like I had a bit of my "pre-Calder" life back. Like every other parent, I could not image my life without my son. I love my family and Calder is the center of my world. But in the same breath, I can honestly say I do miss some of the freedoms that come with not having a child.
I think the two things I miss most are an adult social life and SLEEP.
Most of my friends now have families, so we are all in the same boat. We know that afternoon coffee's worked around nap schedules and early suppers are the best way to go. Bedtime for most of our kids is between 7 pm and 8 pm. Unfortunately, this leaves very little time for the adults. We all make an effort to get a sitter so that we can get together, but that only happens on occasion, not like before kids when it happened every weekend.

First attempt

So, with some encouragement from Deena, I have started blogging!
The title "Just Jordan" comes from my love of the sitcom "Will and Grace". One of Jack's nicknames in the series is "Just Jack" and when Hugh and I started dating, I always joked that I should have a reality t.v. series called "Just Jordan" because it seemed like everyday funny stuff happened to me (well...I thought the stuff was funny).
Although I wasn't able to convince TLC to tape a pilot for my series, I hope you will still enjoy reading about my reality.
Welcome to Just Jordan