Getting out of Bed

Today might have been the hardest day to get out of bed this week.

I am tired today and when I am tired the saddness feels heavier and the tears fall easier.

We have a full morning planned which is good.  I was forced to get out of bed, shower and get ready.  This morning we are heading to Rona and J & H Builders.  Hugh is getting organized to build the office in the basement.  The project will be starting Easter weekend.  Obviously, there is plenty of time to get organized before then, but Hugh needs to be busy now and this is a great project to get absorbed into.

After some "shopping",  we are dropping Calder off at Deena's and Hugh and I are heading to our first counseling session.  A number of people with whom we have the greatest respect for have suggested that, regardless of how things are going, we should talk to someone.   Hugh and I both agree.  We have been  communicating well, listening to each other, and supporting each other.  Our marriage feels really strong. . . right now.  We just don't want to let ourselves get to a place where it isn't really strong.  The death of a child can rip marriages apart.  Ours will not be one of them.  We are going to start working on it before it needs to be worked on.

So I am out of bed, have had something to eat and will be heading out of the door to be busy with my boys.  Calder has already started cheering me up during this post.  He proudly pointed to the "zamboni" while he watched highlights during breakfast!  LOL.  Aren't dad's great?


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