Wonderful Words

Today I decided I was going to start responding to some of the wonderful emails, posts, comments and cards we have received.

I can't do it.  There are just too many.

So, instead I will just say, thank-you.  Every word sent our way was meaningful.  There are no words to describe how the support makes us feel.

Here is a sample of some of the wonderful words that have been sent our way.

I really wish I lived closer so I could be there for you and your family.

As a parent, I can imagine that losing a child has to be the hardest thing any individual could ever have to deal with, and now that has happened to you, and I am so sorry for that.

Tripp will always be remembered and loved. He was a beautiful baby.

I know you're probably overwhelmed with messages but I just wanted to thank you for writing your blog and allowing people like me into your life through this heart wrenching experience so we could pray and hold you and your family in our thoughts everyday. The emotions you shared were so raw and honest and as a mother the pain I have in my heart sitting at my computer looking at the pictures of your beautiful son and crying over your loss is more than I can bare.

Time does not "heal" all of our wounds but it sure gives us the perspective and strength to live our lives to the fullest and to enjoy our blessings that we have today. I hope that you will be patient enough for the gift of time to ease the pain in your hearts, minds and spirits.

Tripp was so fortunate to have been surrounding by your love.

The insightful words you shared in your blog demonstrate your strength, courage, and most of all your love for Tripp.

My heart aches for you and your family but please be reassured that he is in a better place free of pain and complication.

The journey with Tripp will always be with you and I know that he knows how loved he is.

As your dear Calder will be your best therapy, your sweet Tripp rests peacefully in Heaven.

We are so sorry Tripp left this world way too soon.  He was the luckiest little boy to have you as his family.

We were honoured to get to know Tripp though your blog.

The love and support you have for each other and from your friends will provide you with great comfort during the waves of emotions and grief.

Once again, Thank-you.


  1. I think I can speak for most in saying that no one needs an individual thank you. Those that have followed your story hold you, Hugh and Calder close in our hearts. Your willingness to share your raw feelings and emotions have pulled the hearts of your friends closer to you. There is nowhere safer than in the hearts of your friends and family when you have such a trying experience to recover from.


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