Guest Blog - Luke

My brother, Luke, is guest blogging today.  He is currently training to be a territory manager for Richie Bros. Auctioneers.  Luke works out of the Saskatoon office and lives with Hugh, Calder and I.  His job has currently taken him to Morden, Manitoba for a yard sale

I've had a pretty amazing chance to get extra close to the three of you over the past 10 months, what with me slothing around your basement from time to time.   The hardest part for me in this whole situation is seeing the amazing, caring, and generous people that I love so much in so much pain.  To say it isn't fair is a gigantic understatement!  

I had a chance to hang out with Tripp a couple of times, which I feel very privileged for because thats a lot more than most people.  I even had a chance to be alone with him in NICU where we had a little chat.  The convo was a little one sided, but I got to tell him how he was actually one of the cutest babies I'd ever seen!  No lie, Calder is cute as hell now, but when I first held Calder he looked a little like an Alien!  Anyway, I offered him up one of my kidneys, I told him it would be a long shot but I was ready, I told him that he was born into one of the most loving and happy families I'd ever seen.   I told him he was going to make it, and be with us forever, if not in our arms he'll be in our hearts forever!  My time alone with him wasn't long because it turned out I wasn't supposed to be in there without a parent of Tripp's with me, but the time alone I had with him each and every second is burnt into my memory and my heart.  

Until the day I die, Tripp will always be mine and Jes's Nephew, Mom and Dad's Grandson, Calder's little brother and yours and Hugh's son.  Don't ever be afraid that he'll be forgotten, that's impossible!

Calder and Uncle Luke


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