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Boone Update

Many people ask me what color Boone's eyes are. The verdict is finally in. I googled what "hazel" meant. It is a mix of green and brown and depending on the light, a person's eyes could look like either color. I may be the only one who didn't know this! Boone's eyes are hazel with the dominant color being green. This means that most of the time his eyes look green. I have always said my brother has green eyes, but I took a good look at his the other day and I think technically his are hazel too. The amount of brown around my brother's pupil is very small - therefore his are always looking green. . . So maybe then they are just considered green? I am back to being unsure! LOL Hugh's dad also has green eyes, and now I am itching to see him again so I can examine his!  I was so disappointed in the middle shot above. Boone looks gorgeous in it, but it is slightly off focus. I am blaming him. He must have moved right before I snapped it. ;-)
Boone is a tu…

Lawson Update 4 months

Lawson is really turning into our best baby. Not only did she start sleeping through the night at around 2 months, but her grumpy few hours in the late evening started to disappear at around 3.5 months. She still doesn't go to bed for the night, but at least now she will go down around 7:30 and have a snooze until her last feed between 8:30 and 9:00.

Lawson has also started to have some nice long naps. I LOVE these :-) And I think the boys do too. I get to do way more stuff with them if I don't have to continually help Lawson fall back to sleep. That being said, I often turn on the tv for Boone while I put Lawson down, so he might be sad he doesn't get to watch as much Paw Patrol!

Lawson has started speeding up her feed times. She is now only taking about 15 minutes per feed. This has seriously decreased my time watching t.v., but I am quite happy about it! She also has developed this nasty spitting up habit the last few weeks. She had always spit up. There was never a rhym…

Calder Update

Calder is winding down at school. The last month or so I might actually say that he doesn't dislike school. This is a big deal. He usually complains about having to go and he has stopped doing that (maybe this has more to do with the fact that after months of trying to get out of it, he realizes that it isn't going to happen).

Calder got his first report card in March. We were very proud of him. He has done so well with every outcome and has done a great job of cooperating with everything this teacher asks. One outcome that they hadn't worked on much is printing, so the last couple of months Calder and I have spent about 30 minutes a week practicing at home. It is really amazing how little it takes. Check out his writing from the last time he was capitaine at school.
To work on Calder's writing, him and I have gotten in a great routine. Once I get Boone to bed for his nap, Calder will get out the papers he is working on (right now it is practicing each letter) and begi…