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Today, I am feeling glum. It started yesterday and led me to spending the better part of the afternoon in my room thinking, reading, and crying.

Not sure how I am getting out of this one. I feel like shopping. Clothes don't totally fill the void, but it is strange how spending money and having new things do actually give you a (false) sense of happiness.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Tripp getting his wings. I woke up like it was a regular day. I truly believe one day doesn't need to be any more sad than any other day, but somewhere my subconscious had other plans. It started when I saw flowers at the grocery store after lunch. It made me think about how before Tripp died I thought giving flowers to family after someone dies was a waste of money. I felt like it would be better spent making a donation to a charity or something, but when Tripp died we got quite a few flowers. They filled our living room. They were so pretty and they smelled so beautiful. And just like a new o…