Helmet #2

Calder and I play the "I'm going to get you" game.  I say it, and he RUNS!  And giggles and runs and giggles.  It always brings a smile to his face.  

Today, I was unloading the van and he was standing on the driveway watching me as I set the groceries inside the door.  I started to walk toward him, because I was afraid he was going to take off.  Well, he did start to take off.  I didn't say "I'm going to get you", but he was definitely trying to get away.  He ran for 5 good strides and spilt face first.  

He gave a bit of a yelp and I ran over to pick him up.  As I lifted him off the ground I heard a gasp of breath.  This only means 1 thing.  In about 5 seconds, he will let out the most ear shattering scream most people have ever heard.  I know lots of kids scream and some might do it as well (loud and high pitched) as Calder, but NONE do it better!  He is a pro. But, I am also a pro.  In those 5 seconds, I managed to pick him up, wipe the gravel off his forehead, race into the garage, press the garage door opener and step inside the house.  

I didn't want the neighbors, who were all out enjoying the beautiful day, to think I was beating  my child! 

All of this could have been avoided had he had a helmet


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