Another Tough Day

There isn't much else to say other than the title.  I just felt sad today.  Hugh and my mom both pointed out to me today that I need to start making some plans.  Even plans as simple as a to-do list that I can knock a couple of things off of every day.

My mom and Hugh know me and they both understand how I need to plan.  Before Tripp, I needed plans for each day, plans for the week and long term plans.  I need plans.  Now, I have no motivation to make a plan.  Not for today, or tomorrow, let alone for next week.

This afternoon Hugh made plans for me.  I felt like doing nothing and he made me get out of the house and do a couple of things.  And when I say made, I mean he encouraged me.  We all know I won't do anything I don't want to do.  Although, I didn't want to do anything today, I knew I should and therefore I made myself do it.

It was good to be busy.  I need to do things even though I don't want to.  We have plans with friends all weekend and I think when Monday rolls around if I still don't feel like making plans, I will have Hugh make them for me.

I had come out of my sadness this afternoon and started nagging him about something and he replied, "nice to have you back!"

With that, I think this post is over.  I am feeling fairly good right now and I might as well get some bossing around in while I feel up for it!  (Hugh may just be regretting that comment by the end of the night!)


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