I think they need to make some kind of protect helmet for kids.  At different times, Calder has had bruises all over his head.

Forehead. Temple. Eye. Cheekbone. Chin.

I was watching The Hour a couple of nights ago and Mark Messier was on talking about the new technology being introduced into hockey helmets. (Seriously, CBC needs to start paying me) Basically, it is just way better foam.

Why can't they make this into a helmet for kids.  It could be shaped like a ski mask...think Man in the Iron Mask (visual), with hinges to get it on and off.  I wouldn't make Calder wear it all the time, but when he is tired, or learning a new skill (like walking), it could save a lot of tears.

You could even have a mesh insert to put in the mouth hole so that kids couldn't put things in their mouths.  (I almost had a heart attack yesterday when Calder came crawling out of our room with an elastic band and 2 ear plugs...yes 2...in his mouth.  Think: Mother of the Year.)

I am not sure the kind of fit you could get for these without getting an actual mold of each individual kid's face.  Some research will have to be done.  Get on it, Messier.


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