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Merry Christmas

We have had a fabulous morning with Calder. He was SO excited and happy. But still, I look around the scattering of toys and it feels like we only have half the number we should.

It is going to be a good day, filled with phone calls, family, and love.

Merry Christmas.

Sandy Hook Elementary School

On my way home from work last Friday, in the midst of an ugly cry, I turned the radio off. I couldn’t listen to report after report of kids and teachers being shot.

I have a son who will be starting kindergarten in a couple of years. I have a husband who works at an elementary school. I know what it’s like to lose a child. It was all too much for me. And after reading a few Facebook statuses when I got home, I realized it was all too much for many of us.

Hugh and I couldn’t watch the news on the weekend and I could barely get through the paper on Sunday. Avoiding reports on the shootings has been impossible.

Monday on my drive home from work, once again, the news brought thoughts of the shooting to the forefront of my mind. For the first time I let myself imagine what it would be like if the shooting had happened in Hugh’s school. For a brief moment, I considered talking to Hugh about what I wanted him to do if that ever did happen. You see, I would want him to lock his office door …

Sitting with Santa

One more reason it feels like Christmas. Our annual trip to the Lawson Height's mall to get a picture with Santa. I love that you get to snap your own photo and that it is the same man every year. . .

Things that make it feel like Christmas

Making the final meal plan and grocery list for our Christmas hosting duties.Watching  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Favorite scene: Clark pulling the station wagon under a semi.Wrapping ALL the gifts! I wrapped 17 boxes. Hugh wrapped one. And then wrapped that one in another box. Which promptly got wrapped in another box and another box. Until what started as a monster truck for Calder turned into a toilet box sized Russian stacking doll.Finishing the last of the Christmas decorating touches in the basement.Having the days left of work countdown at 5! In related news, Calder told me on Sunday I looked like Santa. Thankfully he added "Because you have glasses." That didn't stop Hugh from adding, "And she has a big belly."


I read the first chapter in the book, Nurture Shock, by PO Bronson and Ashley Merryman, titled "The Inverse Power of Praise". It really has me thinking about the words I use with Calder.

The book talks about an experiment that was done by Dr. Carol Dweck. Children were given a puzzle that they were capable of doing. After completing the puzzle, one group were praised for being smart and the other group were praised for working hard. The students were then given a choice for the next task, one being a harder puzzle and the second being a puzzle with a degree of difficulty similar to the first. Ninety percent of the students praised for effort chose the harder puzzle. Most of the kids praised for being smart choice the easy puzzle. I know which puzzle I would hope Calder to choose. . . 

After the first two rounds of the experiment, the researchers conducted a third round. Here the test was made extremely difficult so that all the children in the experiment could experience fai…

It's writing time

It is Christmas letter time at the Hamilton residence. Last year we didn't write one, but both Hugh and I feel we are up for the task once again this year. We usually try to make our letters informative and funny at the same time. Well, Hugh and I think we're funny. I am not sure how the recipients of our letter feel! Hugh and I have quite a bit of fun writing them together.

If you want to read some great exerpts from Christmas letters check out THIS post from It is a good reminder about "Too much information"! Here's one of my favorites:

Desmond had to undergo surgery for his colon.  He has diverticulitis and can't eat popcorn anymore.  After surgery, he had to walk around with a colostomy bag.

Poor Desmond. Not only no popcorn, a poop bag as well.

Hugh and I get a Christmas card every year from a great aunt. We keep her cards in a special file and when the holiday season hits, we pull them out. She is a sweet, dear wom…

Weekend events

We spent most of the weekend working in the basement doing our renos, but we still managed it squeeze in my nephew Pace's birthday party, an Elks hockey game, and a skate. It was all smiles for Calder before stepping onto the ice with his buddies Dylan and Willis (Willis was already heading out on the ice!). Calder left in a , "I am so overtired from staying up late at the Elks game" bawl-fest! We will try again next weekend!

Feeling Charitable?

If you are planning on making a charitable donation this holiday season, you might want to have a read!

Conexus is matching all donations to the Children's Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan for the holidays. Click HERE to go the Children's Hospital donation page. To have Conexus match your donation all you have to do is click on the comments box and enter, "Conexus" on the donations' page.

Until December 10th, you can donate to hundreds of charities through and receive 5% cash back in your Paypal account when you pay for your donation with Paypal. A coworker mentioned that his church was even listed on this website! 

I recently found a way to donate straight to Dr. Whitington (He is the doctor who has done all the research on Neonatal Hemochromatosis). The link is HERE. You will see the name Kelly Hiles in the In Honor of/ In Memory of box. She recently put together a HUGE golf fundraiser (she lives in Australia!) raising over $20 000. All the fund…


I have heard lots of complaints about the snow in the last week. You won't hear me complain about snow. Ever. Keep in mind I don't shovel our driveway ;-)

On Sunday when Brittany was putting up our decorations snow started falling. We had Christmas tunes playing and were decorating our tree, but it was the snow that made it feel most like Christmas.

Calder loves playing outside in the soft stuff. You should see the fort he made with Hugh in the backyard and his extended slide off our deck. Mount Hamilton is looking large on our front lawn and the hill in North Hills Park is covered with a brand-new blanket. Freshly fallen snow BEGS to be played in.

Just the thought of packing up our snowboards and heading to a hill gives me a rush of excitement. There is nothing like a soft layer of newly fallen snow under your board.

And what about the excitement surrounding a snow day? I know. They NEVER happen here. To my knowledge in Saskatoon there was one and it was 6 years ago. Even tho…

Peanut Butter and Honey

Most mornings I eat my peanut butter toast at the bathroom sink while I get ready. It never seems like I have time to sit-down and eat, so in the morning eating on the go has become my norm. Yesterday morning I was so exhausted when I woke up, I decided I needed a treat for breakfast. Really stepping out of my box, I added some honey to my peanut butter toast!

Not surprisingly, Calder immediately noticed that my toast was looking significantly more delicious that it usually does. Because of this, he decided that my treat should be his breakfast. Calder stood on the toilet and visited me while he devoured my toast. It was a fun change in my routine, but I think yesterday will be a one-time only deal after the series of events that transpired.

• Calder tipped the toast plate off the counter sending it crashing to the floor. In an attempt to save his toast, he caught it on the side of our counter with the back of his hand, covering his hand with peanut butter and honey gooeyness. Calder …


I got my house decorated (well, the upstairs anyway - we are still renovating the basement). I actually shouldn't say "I" got it decorated. Most of the work was done by my sister-in-law to be, Brittany. I really don't feel well when I get too busy so, Brittany grabbed the bull by the horns on Sunday. For the most part, I sat on the couch, drank hot chocolate and directed traffic :-)

Calder was VERY excited about the decorations and was quite the little helper, pulling item after item out of the Christmas tubs. As Calder pulled each item out, he would immediately comment, "Look at this one, Mom!" He would then stack each item on top of each other on the rocking chair! From one pile to another! Calder actually did a terrific job of hauling different Christmas ornaments to various areas of our house. I definitely made note of his enthusiasm. I am sure there will come a time when he complains, "Do I have to help?"!

We also had Brittany take our annual…