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We started off April at a Family Dance at Hugh's school. It was amazing. The kids had a great time dancing. And by kids I mean Boone and Lawson. Calder was introduced more officially to the art of bottle flipping and spend a good portion of the evening flipping a water bottle with another boy his age. This was an amazing event and really cool to see so many people from the school community out. At one point they had a jigging contest. The adults went first and there was one man in particular who was AMAZING. When the kids' contest started, Boone meticulously imitated the jigger's moves. I wish I had a video. Boone didn't win the contest, but quite frankly, it was impressive.
This is Boone's attempt at smiling. Typically this is the face I get from him when I pull my phone out.

Although Calder may have needed a bit of coaxing to play with the boy his age, Boone needed none at all to engage with the kids at the dance. I won't surprised if Boone is one day a lady…