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Our biggest boy keeps getting bigger! We have particularly noticed it this summer at the lake. Calder has been playing a lot with a buddy, Ben. They ride bikes, swim, build forts and skip around from our cabin, Ben’s campsite, Calder’s grandparents and Ben’s aunt and Uncle’s (Grandparents and Aunt/Uncle live 4 cabins apart!). The pair have been nearly inseparable. Calder has been more into swimming on the boat than we’ve seen. He loves to try and splash people as he jumps in and has really gotten into diving in off the boat as well. Lawson has been a water bug from the get-go, but Calder really is giving her a run for her money this year for time spent in the water. Calder also enjoys tubing, particularly behind Ben’s boat as it can make the big waves! We recently convinced him to give the knee-board a go and now we can’t get him off the water! Above all else on the water, Calder LOVES fishing. To date he has caught 36 fish. Near the end of July while on the boat, Calder turned to m…