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At the end of April we headed to Edmonton for Calder's first spring hockey tournament of the year. It was Easter weekend, so it worked out well for us to spend an extra few days with the kids on a family get-away. It was an extra exciting drive as it was the first trip in our "new to us" van. I have a whole, hilarious post about the old van just waiting in my mind, but as you can tell I haven't been very dedicated to making time to write!  The new hot rod has 2 dvd players. The little ones watched Thomas the Train, Calder watched a BBC Dinosaur, and because we took a head set from my sister's van, Hugh and I listened to some fantastic 90's tunes on Google Play on our way up.   Boone also loves dinos so he and Lawson also got in on it as well. Ask Boone about the dino with the broken toe when you see him next.

The roads were absolutely horrific. It had snowed and was snowing. There was a foot of slush on the highways around Lloyd. We were happy to have left ea…


It never ceases to amaze me how well Boone and Lawson play together. They are turning out to be quite the buddies. Here our babysitter had brought over a craft for them to do while we were somewhere with Calder. I am writing this in June and can't seem to remember where we were! Lawson was so hilarious with hers. She needed to see the colored side so always pushed it against her face with the non-colored side out!
Calder finished piano for the year with his last recital. He did the Pink Panther theme song. He worked so hard at the end to get it right and he rocked it. Calder loved playing piano and although getting him to practice was sometimes as bad as getting him to brush his hair, he was adamant that he get to do it again next year. 
We had some friends over for a BBQ. It was a fabulous time and I wish I would have taken more pictures than the one above. We were having a later supper around 6:30 pm and Boone was acting like a moron at the table. After more warnings than he de…