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Potty Trained!

A week before we headed to Vancouver on our way to the lake, I caught Boone starting to have a poop while in his car seat. I asked him if he wanted to go on the side of the road instead and he surprisingly agreed. We knew we only had moments to act, so Hugh slammed on the brakes and pulled over. He grabbed Boone ripped his diaper off and cradled him in his arms before sweet talking Boone to go poop. It looked so awkward. Boone was almost lying down in his arms with his butt just hovering over the ground. Boone didn’t go for it, so Hugh set him down and I showed Boone how to squat. He immediately started pushing and had his first poop out of his diaper (well, the first poop purposely out of his diaper, anyway!). This started a trend of Boone pooping on the side of the road when we were in the van. Our trip to Vancouver had a number of stops for Boone to poop. We quickly found out that is not nearly as easy to find somewhere to pull over in the mountains as it is in Saskatchewan! Hugh …