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Last Day

Today is my last day of work. . .

When I was pregnant with Boone I lasted until Christmas, so making it to the end of the semester feels like an accomplishment. People keep asking me how I feel, and truthfully, I feel crappy. My body seriously hurts. Between Braxton Hicks 30 - 40 times a day, back pain and SERIOUS pelvic pain, most days I am barely moving (and certainly not setting any speed records doing it). I actually might feel physically worse at this point in my pregnancy compared to where I was with Boone, but my stress level has not been the same. I did a lot of worrying about Boone's health during my pregnancy. I lost sleep. I shed tears. I'm not saying I haven't worried about this babe, but only a small fraction of the amount. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I had a dream this baby had NH and was really sick in the hospital. When I woke up I told Hugh about the nightmare, stating, "I had the worst dream. Our baby was sick". Hugh responded, "What wer…

Building a Nest

Hugh commented a couple of weeks ago that I was in the nesting stage. I internally balked at Hugh's comment and likely just ignored him. At 33 weeks I felt a long ways away from the end and I certainly didn't feel the need to be put into any 3rd trimester pregnancy stereotypes.

This morning I admitted to myself and then shortly after to Hugh that yes, I am indeed in the nesting stage.

I have been cleaning out cupboards, organizing drawers, crossing off projects and bossing Hugh around ever since Christmas. Yesterday, I made an official list of things to organize around the house. This morning I realized that I was excited about that list. Nesting.

I also think my realization came because things have slowed down at work. January is a busy time in a high school. Students are writing their last unit exams and handing in final projects. Teachers are busy marking, creating final exams, and continuing there contact home to parents (many of whom are looking for some last minute hoora…

Good-Bye CTC

Today is it. My last IVIG appointment. I am 35 weeks (if you can believe it) and after this I will be spending my Thursdays elsewhere. Next week I will be with my period 1s as they write their final exam and after that - who knows. January 30 is my last day of work so I have an open schedule (that I am looking forward to filling).

At my 33 week IVIG treatment I said goodbye to one of the staff who was going on holidays and wouldn't return before today. She is a warm, loving soul and when she gave me a hug I felt myself tear up. The women who work at CTC have been such a part of my story. I hope never to be back getting poked by them, but I sure hope I see them again.  As much as I have had feelings of sadness about saying goodbye, I almost felt a bit giddy today driving to the hospital. I am almost done. Pregnancy doesn't suit me and I am on my way out.

To celebrate my last appointment my sister, Jes, and sister-in-law, Brittany, are coming by to have lunch with me. I order fr…

Mini Boone Update

Over a week ago I was marvelling at all of the words Boone seems to have learned in the last month, so I got a piece of paper and counted the ones he said on his own, without us asking him to repeat them. There were 82. A month ago I wrote about the words he was saying on his own (without us asking us to repeat them) and there were 5 on the list plus I would include mama, daddy, and Calder. That makes 8 words total on December 4 and 82 on January 3. CRAZY.

He LOVES gockey. For those of you who don't speak "Boone" that is hockey. He wears the gloves he got for Christmas around the house and has fallen in love with a Spokane Chief's jersey that Grandpa Hamilton had got for Calder. Hugh, Calder and I all wore Team Canada jerseys a week ago, Monday, to support the World Junior team and Boone felt a bit left out. Luckily Calder remembered the Spokane jersey and Boone has not taken it off since.

Boone has also started to try some foods! Alleluia! We started by asking him t…

Christmas with the Clarkes

This year's New Year's with the Clarkes took place the weekend of Dec. 27. Danielle is due at the start of January, so we wanted to increase our odds of getting a visit in before her bundle arrives. This year we decided to hotel it, which was a fun way to mix it up. I did a TERRIBLE job of getting photos! 
This top shot is at the pool. Boone went down the water slide unassisted about 189 times. He LOVED it and actually would sign and say "more" as soon as Hugh lifted him out of the water at the end of each ride. 
Both Jack and Calder were pumped to stay in a hotel and all three kids did amazing eating out. I know that Hugh and Jordan didn't get as much of a visit in as Danielle and I. They spent most of our quick visit chasing kids at the Science Center or preventing them from sinking to the bottom of the pool! Sacrifices have to be made and Danielle and I were thankful to be pregnant and not have to make any this year!
Happy Monday!

Fritshaw Family Christmas

We always do a Chinese gift exchange* at my Mom and Dad's. It is always SO fun. This year's highlights included Hugh's gift. He framed some photos of himself and my Mom happily stole for it. I am calling it Hugh's gift because it was his idea. Please know that it would have never came to fruition had I not nagged for weeks, picked up the frame myself and finally on Dec. 23 gave Hugh the ultimatum that if he didn't pose for the pictures that day, the gift wouldn't be happening! I then edited all the photos and put them on a flash drive as it was too late to order through Costco.  Other highlights were the Despicable Me Fart Gun that Luke and Brittany put in the exchange on behalf of Calder. I won that item. I actually stole for it thinking Calder would definitely steal it from me. I was completely wrong. Calder loves opening gifts WAY too much, so every time he had the chance, he picked a new gift to open. In the end, he ended up with a baking pan and cutting b…