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New Car Seat

It is official.  Calder has outgrown his car seat.  He won't even fit in it with a coat on!  (Don't worry, Mom. He is still under the maximum weight and I warm up the van for him!)

Tomorrow, we will start the daunting task of getting a new seat.  I have done some looking online at prices and models.  There are so many different models (most with the same features) with a humungous range of prices.  Which is best?  Who knows?  I certainly don't.  And I don't think I will be more informed tomorrow after a day of scouring the stores with Hugh and Calder.

I find shopping for these types of "BIG" purchases very stressful.  How many cribs did we have to look at until Hugh found the one (and I do mean one) that wouldn't move when he reefed on it?  How many couches did we sit on before we found our furniture for upstairs?  And more recently, how many all-inclusive vacations did I look at before we booked?

The thing about all of these purchases is that even thoug…

Home sweet home!

We arrived home late on Saturday night, after a slightly delayed flight.  The employees working at customs at the Saskatooon airport were GRUMPY.  I was quite disappointed with this.  They are welcoming people to our city and our country.  Would it be too hard for them to smile?

After dealing with crusty customs agents, we stepped outside into a blizzard.  Luckily, a good friend, Chris, came and picked us up from the airport in his truck.  I am not sure we would have made it to our house without him!

Sunday morning, Hugh and I woke up excited to see Calder.  It had been 9 days since we had seen him.  I called Mom and Dad and was informed that they were snowed in.  They couldn't get out of the driveway, let along down the grid into town.  Needless to say, we had to wait one more day.

Monday, my dad got the tractor and plow going and plowed their driveway and the grid.  Dad and Mom headed to Saskatoon in the afternoon WITH CALDER!

I was so excited to see our little man!  And, is he moto…

Favorite new bathing suit

I bought this fabulous new bathing suit at Walmart before we came down to Mexico.  It cost $26 and fit beautifully.  I was so pumped not to have to pay $100 for a bathing suit that covered all of my valuables.

I wore it the first 3 days here.  On the 3rd day after a vigorous salsa lesson, I bent down to wash my hands in the pool (Hugh was sweating like a pig) and before I even reached the water my bathing suit top came flying off.

Turns out my favorite new suit's plastic clasp at the back snapped.  The saving grace to this suit was the tie around my neck.  If not for that, the blustering wind would have swept the entire top right over the pool and onto the beach.

Embarrassed, I headed back to the room to put on my 2nd favorite suit.  It was all Hugh could do, to NOT pee his pants, he was laughing so hard.

I had a bad day (feel free to sing this)

Yesterday was quite the day.

I locked the keys in the van at my parents house.  Luckily, my dad came to the rescue, called CAA and got the doors unlocked.  This allowed Calder and I to get on the road and back to Martensville.

On the way home, I decided it was time to plan my will.  I know this sounds a bit morbid, but now that we have Calder, we want to make sure he is cared for.  Hugh and I got life insurance shortly after he was born, so this was the next logical step.  It was a sad trip home with a few tears.  It is hard to think about dying and not getting to be with your family.

Calder's morning nap was over an hour shorter than normal, so we had quite a grumpy early afternoon until it was time for the next nap.

His downtime allowed me to type up my will.  More tears.

Once it was done, I vowed to not think about it anymore and got making supper with a clingy child.  Not fun, but more fun than writing a will.

Hugh said he was going to be home at 5:30pm.  He called at 5:30pm t…

New Year

Hugh and I have spent most of the new year playing the New Super Mario Wii.  If you have a Wii and LOVE Mario, this game is for you.  You can play multiple players at once, so Hugh and I play together.  We have had many laughs and many fights. lol.  Hugh has a tendency to knock me off cliffs and bounce me into turtles.

Calder started the new year off with a bang, taking a few steps New Year's Eve.  We were thrilled.  He is a very good crawler, so hasn't really initiated taking any steps on his own, but if Hugh and I sit across from each other, he will take 2 - 6 steps to get from one of us to the other.  We are having lots of fun practicing.

Calder has also started clapping his hands.  When Hugh and I cheer while playing Super Mario, he will sit down and clap for us.  Too cute!

Hugh is heading back to work tomorrow.  I am sad.  I can't complain though,  since he has had 2 weeks off with us.  It is so nice spending our days together as a family.

Hugh and I are planning a w…